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Love Nutella . . . then check out the new kid on the block

Nope, not those NKOTB (for those of you 80′s/90′s kids)

From The Record:

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Got matzoh? Schmear some Nocciolata on it. A smooth, creamy spread made with Antillean Islands’ dark chocolate, Italian hazelnuts, brown sugar, skim milk and Bourbon vanilla extract, Nocciolata is organic, kosher (for Passover, too) and devoid of GMO, palm oil, hydrogenated fat, artificial colors and flavors and gluten. Available for $4.99 (9.5-ounce bottle) at local Whole Foods and Fairway.

They have yummy recipes right hereScreen shot 2014-03-23 at 4.00.46 PM

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 3.22.35 PM

Bite into these Almond Butter Cups


Almond Butter Cups

If you like or more like love peanut butter cups then you might as well take a chance on the almond.

These  Almond Butter Cups from @recipegirl will knock your socks off.  Check out the recipe on her site and let me know if you make it.

The crazy good recipe can be found here


Get your Chocolate Lover’s Gift Guide right here

Chocolate Lover’s Gift Guide right here

Chocolate for all . . . . gift ideas, toys, chocolate, baked goods . . . .

all around chocolate goodness  =)

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