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Easy 3-Ingredient Chocolate Recipes For that Last Minute Holiday Party

Easy 3-Ingredient Chocolate Recipes For that Last Minute Holiday Party

Easy 3-Ingredient Chocolate Recipes For that Last Minute Holiday Party

Neighborhood parties, family functions, in law events, church parties, Secret Santa exchanges . . . and so many more parties require our time and culinary expertise.  You want to share your love of all pretty pinteresting yummy things at all times but some times you are short on time. 
Check out these quick and easy 3-ingredient recipes to get you out the door with something oh so pinteresting. 

Candy Cane OREO Cookie Balls

Easy Oreo cookie ball recipe

EASY Fudge recipe only 3 ingredients – White Chocolate

3 ingredient white chocolate fudge easy

Caramel Twix Dip

easy recipe for caramel candy bar dip

3 Ingredient Reese’s PB Cup Fudge

3-ingredient recipes and desserts


Which one will you make?

#1, #2, #3 or #4?
Tell me in the comments below
Love & Chocolate,
P.S.  Cool baking book here (foolproof)
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easy crockpot hot chocolate recipes

3 Outrageous Crockpot Hot Chocolate Recipes

3 Outrageous Crockpot Hot Chocolate Recipes

3 Outrageous Hot Chocolate Recipes Made in a Crockpot!





How stunning is this mug of hot chocolate?  If you have a crockpot, the crockpot recipe and a love for chocolate then do yourself a favor and make this bowl full of happiness.

Crockpot hot chocolate recipes



What’s easier then popping a few ingredients into a crockpot and letting it simmer then having a huge pot full of hot chocolate ready for you all day?

The best hot chocolate recipe


There are only 5 ingredients needed in this recipe, click on the picture so you can see if you have those in your pantry right now.


recipe for crockpot hot cocoa

Would love to hear which one you think looks best #1, #2 or #3?

Love & Chocolate,



chocolate bar wrappers

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chocolate bars starbucks

The One Chocolate Bar Every Pumpkin Spice Latte Fan Will Love

You love the Pumpkin Spice Latte season.  It signals the end of Summer and the beginning of boots, leggings and big comfy sweaters.

The Fall is on its way and its THE season of everything good —>> cooler weather, fall leaves, football, cozy fireplaces and Christmas Hallmark movies. 

starbucks fall drinks to drink now


Pumpkin-flavored everything has been coming at us from every place imaginable.  Ice cream, yogurt, Oreos  are being hyped earlier than many have deemed acceptable this year creating a controversy as big as Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving.The season can be the craziest, most chaotic, lovely season of all which is why you need ONE more thing.

A chocolate bar.

That’s right!

A chocolate bar in one hand and a PSL in the other.


how many calories in a pumpkin spice latte

Photo credit: and[w] / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND
You can diet in January.

If you love Pumpkin Spice Latte (read: super fan), then bite into this Gingerbread Spice Milk Chocolate Bar from Theo.  Its smooth and creamy 45% milk chocolate blended with gingerbread spices.  Sounds super dreamy.

Theo chocolate bar

BONUS:  Theo Chocolate purchases organic cocoa beans that are Fair Trade and Fair For Life. This means that they’re sustainably grown and the farmers receive a fair price.

Enjoy the season my PSL fans and don’t even think about looking at the calorie count until the New Year.

Love & Chocolate,


P.S.  Here’s a diet chocolate if you need to lose 1 pound  . . . like yesterday

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Dove chocolate discoveries starter kit

printable free hershey kiss teachers

Free Hershey Kiss Printable for Christmas

Free Hershey Kiss Printable for Christmas

Christmas is on its way and its not too late to create a cute holiday gift that is sweet and super affordable for a teacher, friend, family member  . . . . .

or just any person that loves Hershey Kisses!

You Will Need:


Free Herhey Kiss printable for Christmas

Once you have the sheet of reindeer printables printed out, cut out the circles or use your 1-inch circle cutter.

  Next, attach the printables to the bottom of the kisses with a glue stick or small piece of scotch tape.  

Finally, pop into a clear glass container or mason jar.

(pssst . . . all of this can be done while watching these awesome Christmas Hallmark movies)




Chocolate Bar Wrapper Free




Keep repeating this process. Repeat again.  And repeat again. =)









This is the perfect gift for:

       christmas gifts for teachers cheap

    “Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”  Dr. Seuss

chocolate bar wrappers




free download for teachers

You can add ribbon or raffia around the lid to add more to the decor as well if you want. And, even cut out a square around the reindeer circle and make it into a tag.


Love & Chocolate,


P.S.  If you love Hallmark Christmas movies then you must see this fun article about chocolate & Hallmark

FREE Christmas printable for hershey kisses

P.P.S.  Here are the 5 cookies you must leave out for Santa



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awesome cake recipes



3 Chocolate Recipes for Your Kids to Make During Christmas Break

3 Chocolate Recipes for Your Kids to Make During Christmas Break

3 Chocolate Recipes for Your Kids to Make During Christmas Break

Winter can get dreadfully BORING for children who live in chilly places.  No riding bikes, no trampoline time and no shenanigans outside.

Here are 3 super fun and delicious chocolate recipes to let your kids take charge in the kitchen and make for the whole family.

Cheesecake Pops


Chocolate recipes that kids can make

Take any cheesecake and make it into these adorable bites of cheesecake.

Snowflake cookies

Easy recipes for kids to make

If you have Oreos in your pantry then you are halfway there with this beautiful winter treat.

Chocolate Granola Apple Wedges


kid friendly recipes

Love that this recipe is healthy, easy and has a nice combination of sweet and crunchy.