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Chocolate in Finland You Need(1)

The Chocolate in Finland You Need to Know (and eat)


The Chocolate in Finland You Need to Know (and eat)



Today’s post is written by the adventurer of The Travel Camel, Shane Dallas.  He is a traveler extraordinaire with a unique perspective on connecting with the world. 

The sixth food group is alive and well in Finland, and this is almost entirely due to a brand called Karl Fazer. Founded in 1891 (a fact emblazoned across their product line) this is a chocolate brand found everywhere in the country; it is in convenience stores, department stores, and airports to name just a few.

There are many products in the Karl Fazer stable – plain milk, dark, hazelnut, pear & almond, orange & crisps, red berries, strawberry & vanilla, cookie crisps and the list goes on…. I’m salivating just thinking of them all.

I chose three to taste. My initial foray into the world of Finnish chocolate was the plain milk – and the first bite revealed this to be an exquisitely produced chocolate. It was silky smooth, with a gentle texture that soon had me reaching for more. One could roll a piece around your mouth and the evenness of the texture was constant throughout.


chocolate from Finland

Photo Credit: Shane Dallas of The Travel Camel


Next on the tasting list was my favorite – the combination of a white chocolate topping a milk chocolate bar. I’m very biased to this sort of chocolate – one can attack a piece from different angles and enjoy a different experience. This was the finest example of the white/milk double in my chocolate consuming quest, and I can assure you that I have tasted a few. The smoothness of the milk chocolate was again evident, and the white portion was equally smooth. White chocolate can almost be sickly sweet, but not with this bar.   Finally, there was the beautifully packaged dark chocolate with a twist of mint. Usually I am not a fan of dark chocolate as it too bitter, but this was a soft taste and the hint of mint was not overpowering that can occur with many who try this combination. Though very nice, and though it would appeal to lovers of dark chocolate the world over, I was soon heading back to try more of the milk chocolate varieties.


chocolate from Finland

Photo Credit: Shane Dallas of The Travel Camel


The Finns are most proud of Karl Fazer, and proclaim it as the best chocolate in the world. I am still unsure if it is the best, but it certainly is amongst the top three (along with Lindt in Switzerland and Haigh’s in Australia) as the best chocolate I have ever had the pleasure to consume.   Perhaps there is something special in the cool, fresh air of Finland that allows chocolate of this quality to be produced, but whatever the reason, you should do yourself a favour and grab some Karl Fazer if you ever get the opportunity. You will be very pleasantly surprised.



Shane Dallas is an adventurer, blogger and speaker who has traveled to more than 90 countries. Though Shane is usually found exploring less traveled destinations around the world (particularly those in Africa, Asia and the Middle East) he also possesses a passion for chocolate, and indulges in it often during his travels. Connect with Shane on Facebook and Twitter.  See all of his travels on The Travel Camel.    
The Travel Camel
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P.S.  If you love chocolates from around the world check out this delightful bite from Russia or follow me to Nicaragua

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P.P.S. Want to stay in the USA? Then this Acornucopia cake is for you

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I’m giving away a nice package to Las Vegas.

seeing Cirque du Soleil in Vegas

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kim kardashian chocolate

The 11 Chocolates Kim Kardashian Should Splurge on during Pregnancy #2


The 11 Chocolates Kim Kardashian Should Splurge on during Pregnancy #2

No one is immune to the power of chocolate



There’s been no shortage of Kim Kardashian  in the news lately. The latest, was her appearance in Paper magazine (this link is THE link to her pics from glory to all her glory, alrighty?).  This nude of Kim Kardashian from Harper Bazaar is less frontal.

She quickly went to bat, letting everyone know that she wanted to do something to make her feel confident even though she did not #BreakTheInternet.

Now, there’s speculation we should be “expecting something else from her and Kanye“  aka Kimye

While the Kimye rumor mill grows, we’ve weighed in from the chocolate side of things. If power couple decides to make North a big sister then Kim can be in store for some major chocolate cravings as many pregnant women are.

Kim has  great taste that show up in brands like Laboutin, Chanel and of course Bentley.  Regardless of what you think of her, the girl works harder than most of us realize, plus she’s a mom and the other half of a power couple (not sure if the other half is Kris Jenner or Kanye though).  With the money she earns, she can afford luxury and then some which is why I think these are the luxurious chocolates she should splurge on when Kanye and her make baby #2.



1. Amedei

most expensive chocolate in the world

Pure Criollo cacao is difficult to come by and even more difficult to mold into a chocolate bar that speaks to the bean’s fine, delicate flavor. Amedei has the rare access to these of which only 3000 kilograms are harvested each year. Chocolatier Cecilia Tessieri creates an aromatic, well-rounded bar worthy of these coveted, rare beans.

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2. Leonidas


most expensive chocolate

Upon debuting his winning pralines at the World Fair in Brussels in 1910, Greek-American Leonidas Kestekides fell in love with a local Belgian girl and opened a tea room in Ghent.  After his pralines again won gold at the Ghent World Fair in 1913, Leonidas began selling chocolates from his storefront window, then expanded his operation to tea houses in Brussels and Blankenberge. Today Leonidas sells chocolates at over 1,500 storefronts worldwide, but the prolific brand’s humble beginnings are never too far away — “democracy in chocolate” is their motto, meaning that the good stuff isn’t only reserved for the rich.  And although Kim and Kanye are beyond rich, these two were both taught about having a strong work ethic at a young age.  Leonidas is a perfect chocolate treasure for Kim.

Fabulous Bows & Fashion Details (with Eva Salazar)




3. Chocopologie by Knipschildt

 most expensive gourmet chocolate

Knipschildt Chocolatier was founded in 1999 by Fritz Knipschildt, who began his culinary journey as a chef in Odense, Denmark. The most-expensive chocolate he sells–a $250 dark chocolate truffle with a French black truffle inside–is available only on a preorder-only basis. Which I’m sure Kim’s assistant or manager could hook her up with.

4. The Monchie Bar

This is a luxurious white chocolate bar for the ultimate LA trendsetter aka Kim Kardashian.  The creator, Onch, put major time into this bar in order to find the ultimate cure to the munchies, featuring handmade white chocolate packed with gummy bears, sour patch kids, and a dash of fruity pebbles in a blinged out wrapper.

monchie bar



5. Delafee

Kim loves sparkle and this chocolate company adds a bit of sparkle in their chocolate.  I can totally see Kim indulging in Delafee. The chocolate is specially prepared with fine cocoa beans and flakes of edible 24-karat gold applied by hand to each bar.

edible gold truffles

By now, you may want to become a Chocolatier yourself (you can)

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Pierre Marcolini

luxury chocolate

Marcolini offers customers one of the widest varieties of flavors on the luxury market today.  And the countries reflected here on his chocolates will certainly appeal to the globe trotting Kardashian klan.








7. Debauve & Gallais

bon bon chocolates

Debauve & Gallais creates intricate chocolates displayed in these stunning boxes (just love the navy and gold combo – screams luxury to me).  Their ingredients are a microcosm of the world that include Piedmont hazelnuts, Perigord nuts, Turkish raisins, Spanish almonds, Turin chestnuts and Antilles rum. There are no dyes, preservatives or other additives ever used in Debauve & Gallais chocolate which make them an even better find for a pregnant woman.




8. Donnelly Chocolates


Richard Donnelly began making chocolate in 1988 after studying with a number of master chocolatiers in Paris and Brussels.

simple chocolates

Donnelly Chocolates has been named One of The Ten Best in Chocolatier, Bon Appetit and Dessert Professional magazines. In 1998 he won the award for Best Artisan Chocolate at the Perugia, Italy EuroChocolate festival. In 2008, 2010 and 2012 National Geographic named Donnelly Chocolates One of the ten best in the world.  Totally Kim approved.  And baby #2 deserves the best even in the womb.

9. Teuscher Chocolates

Zagat declares Teuscher has “the best champagne truffles on the planet.”  I don’t think Kim will be drinking any alcohol but thankfully she could try Teuscher’s other chocolates almost anywhere int he world from Beverly Hills to Abu Dhabi to Singapore.  Chocolate made by the Swiss.  Enough said.

teuscher truffles





10. Madam Chocolat

Hasty Torres, wife to Jacques Torres (yes, that Jacques Torres) and judge on TLC’s upcoming Chocolate Wars.   Her shop, Madame Chocolat, was located in Beverly Hills where she sells her famous chocolate molds (chocolate Valentino, Christian Louboutin, Monolo Blahnik, Chanel high heels) amongst other yummies . . . . but now is joining forces with the hubster and moving operations to NYC.   Yay for NYC!  Besides Kim and Kanye have an apartment there so she’ll never be too far.  And I’m sure North would love to munch on some of Torres’  chocolate-covered Cheerios (imagine Kim carrying those in a ziploc bag in her Birkin bag)

chocolate high heels

11. Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates

Paul Young is a London based chocolatier who opened his first shop in 2006 on Camden Passage in Islington with his business partner James Cronin and won a series of awards ever since. He’s made TV appearances and wrote a book a few years ago, Adventures with Chocolate.

Paul A. Young chocolates

At the end of the day, Kim works hard.  She is hounded by the paparazzi, stars in multiple reality shows, models, runs DASH, puts up with her sisters, brother, stepbrothers, stepsisters . . . and she is a wife and a mother.  If and when baby #2 comes, she has the money to throw down on anything and everything she wants.  I just hope that she indulges in the best chocolates the world has to offer.

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BONUS Chocolate


Yep, I think she should have one more chocolate indulgence.  And here it is . . . run for it Kim!

The Frrozen Haute Chocolate


the most expensive cupcake


Stephen Bruce, owner of Serendipity 3, partnered with luxury jeweler Euphoria New York to create the “Frrozen Haute Chocolate,” a blend of 28 cocoas, including 14 of the most expensive and exotic from around the globe.

The dessert, spelled with two Rs, is infused with 5 grams (0.2 ounces) of edible 23-karat gold and served in a goblet lined with edible gold. At the base of the goblet is an 18-karat gold bracelet with 1 carat of white diamonds.

The sundae is topped with whipped cream covered with more gold and a side of La Madeline au Truffle from Knipschildt Chocolatier, which sells for $2,600 a pound.

It is eaten with a gold spoon decorated with white and chocolate-colored diamonds, which can also be taken home.

So chocoholics . . . we’ve covered Kim, we’ve covered North . . and Baby #2.  What do you think she and Kanye will name the next baby?  South? Haute? Serendipity?


P.S.  Like Pumpkin Spice Lattes, then this is for PSL fans

P.P.S.  Speaking of kiddos, if you have some they might really enjoy making this fall and winter cake

Oh, yeah . . here is the info on becoming a Chocolatier

Dove chocolate discoveries starter kit





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making money with dove chocolate discoveries

An Affiliate Link for Bloggers with Chocolate Recipes

An Affiliate Link for Bloggers with Chocolate Recipes

Bloggers make money at Adsense, ads, sponsored posts, affiliate links . . . and now, network marketing. Stay with me on this (because I am NOT a MLM person) but I do like affiliate links.

This affiliate link is from Dove Chocolate. Dove Chocolate Discoveries to be specific.

If you have any recipes on your blog or crafts for kids (Dove has ingredients for sweet and savory recipes) . .  keep reading.

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My Chocolatier Consultant ID: 23900

As bloggers, our time is always valuable, honestly, there is never enough time for all the things we want to accomplish.  Our list is a mile long and every day it gets a mile longer.  Making an impact on the world wide web is a tough job and only we know this.

The costs of running our blog include hosting fees, image fees, VA fees, software fees and most importantly, our time.  I spend a minimum of 50 hours per week cranking on my online projects.  I mean, I could spend 50 hours a week just on PicMonkey or Canva making sure I have images for Pinterest, images for Facebook etc etc.

For me, I am always looking for ways to authentically monetize my online endeavors.  I had been looking at Dove Chocolate for awhile but was perplexed by the MLM part of it.  MLM can have such a negative connotation.  And years and years ago, I had been to one of those overhyped meetings that in some ways made me a little nauseated and in some ways gave me a glimmer of hope.  Who wouldn’t want to drive around a free car and make $50,000 per month?  Right?  Of course, reality would sink in because the only way I could grow my MLM business is to PUSH it.  From pushing it on friends and family to strangers in the grocery store, it was all about the fight and the challenge.

I like a good challenge but I value my friendships more than a free car.

Which brings me back to Dove Chocolate . . . I had been building my foodie tribe online and creating more and more recipes.  Making connections online.  I knew it was something I was going to incorporate eventually.  The only downside was I had to buy a kit.  Now, mind you, the kit just includes ingredients for my recipes that I don’t have to go shopping for.  I’ve made chocolate cakes, cookies, candies, BBQ Cocoa Chicken, Cocoa rubbed brisket . . and a lot more is coming from my starter box.

In the past few months, I noticed some of my bloggy friends had started blogging about Young Living Essential Oils.  They were also the non-MLM folks who authentically produced killer posts and recipes to add to their blog which was building an offline team with ease and online passive income with ease.  I had my aha moment!

Its time for Dove Chocolate to be added to my blog.


*Dove Chocolate Discoveries is still pretty new to the network marketing world

*The chocolate is good!

*For every recipe I have, I can add an affiliate link for Dove Chocolate

*I can create mason jar gifts, sweet recipes or savory recipes.  We are bloggers.  Our creativity is unlimited.

*I can diversify my income so all of my eggs are not in one basket.  If something happened to my site, I could still have a team.  I could still host a chocolate party (a chocolate party brings a lot more smiles than a Mary Kay party).

*My team will naturally include bloggers and non-bloggers.  The non-bloggers are a fantastic way to diversify my income.

*I can increase traffic to my site for DCD related topics and increase my team.

SALE:  For the month of March the Dove Chocolate Starter Kit is on sale for $85!!  In the past 15 years, I have been exposed to a ton of MLM “starter kits” from ParyLite Candles to MaryKay to Visalus and they average about $450.

Although, we can host our own chocolate tasting parties, holiday chocolate parties, cake of the month club . . we might have ideas of our own.  And that involves leveraging technology to make more hours in the day and more money.

dove chocolate discoveries starter kit

My Chocolatier Consultant ID: 23900

With that being said, I am not going to bother you about meeting for coffee (unless you want to get together and we are in the same location).  I am not going to ask you how many bookings you have on your calendar this month.  I am not going to force you onto awful conference calls that make you create a list of your 100 closest friends.  Its important that your sponsor or upline is a blogger or online marketer otherwise you’ll have a sponsor calling you about your sales every single week. We have a Blogger group starting up here that leverages information, time . . .all that great stuff tech does for is.  Join a BLOGGER team.

(BONUS!!! I am also giving a HUGE BONUS to any BLOGGERS that sign up.  Scroll down to the pink picture.)  

Because we have a blog, a Pinterest account, definitely a Facebook page, a Google + (even though we might have ignored it when we first started), an Instagram (we try to use this when we can), maybe a LinkedIn . . . oh, and a million Facebook groups with a ton of lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers, mom bloggers, family bloggers, travel bloggers . . general rockstars.

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  As a Blogger this is what YOU need:    You need the information about the business given to you in a leveraged way, meaning there is a special Facebook group for us, a special group for our customers to see all of our recipes (even educational recipes for toddlers), photos that I took for you to use and as much information in one place as possible.  And although Dove Chocolate Discoveries offers a back office, its not always the easiest to navigate or has the pictures we want and need.  I am working hard to build our support network that you can access 24/7 for your blog.   When you sign up, make sure you use my ID# 23900.  If you sign up under another Dove Chocolatier, your upline will be the traditional party plan consultant who will not understand what you are trying to do.  There is not one person in my family and hardly and of my friends that know or understand what I do . . I’ve tried to explain it a few times and learned that I just need to keep my mouth shut.  LOL.  You know what I’m talking about! Remember, I am not an MLMer.  In fact, my friends and family don’t even know I sell MLM products.  I talk about that here on my published LinkedIn article.   However, I love marketing! I love creativity.  My background is in technology sales in Silicon Valley, I also have a business helping senior citizens connect with technology and have been featured in Newsweek, the Dallas Morning News, Good Morning Texas and AARP.  I love coming up with new ideas and chatting about ways to get creative in business, feel free to email or call me via my contact info below, I’m always up for chatting ideas with you.  dove chocolate discoveries march promotion For the month of March, your kit is $85. 

It will ship to you in 2 – 3 business days (thats really fast).  It includes business builder info (that went into my recycling bin), chocolate martini mix, white chocolate martini mix, cocoa rub, truffle fudge brownie mix, chocolate disks, chocolate covered blueberries, chocolate covered raspberries, martini shaker, Dove glass, Cocoa BBQ sauce, baking cups . . and a ton more.  DCD says its enough for about 4 -5 parties of a dozen people.  Thats a lot of recipes for your blog!!    When you want support, I’ll give it to you. When you want to be left alone to tackle life and your blog, I’ll also do that (I’m a blogger, I get ya) I’m using it as an affiliate link and the ingredients as my recipe builder. Most importantly, its a new and creative way to support my family along with the other income streams I am using.  By now, you may realize this is for you.  If you have 10 or more recipes that involve chocolate, chocolate educational ideas, cooking . . . then this is probably a great affiliate link for you. Click HERE to get going NOW My Chocolatier Consultant ID: 23900  


Dove Chocolate Parties Dove Chocolate Parties  

As I mentioned, I will take the workload off of you and put it onto me.  In addition, you will be invited to join 2 Facebook groups where I have filtered information from the Dove Chocolate Discoveries back office to work best for us.  One group is for our customers and one for each other.  Also, if you enjoy hosting parties and baking chocolate goodies then you might actually want to take a look at this article 11 Ways To Make More Money with the DOVE Chocolate Discoveries Direct Sales Opportunity    



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