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chocolate tasting party

Hey Chocoholics! This is For Your Very Own Chocolate Tasting Party

Hey Chocoholics! This is For Your Very Own Chocolate Tasting Party

If you know me then you will know I have a thing for Chocolate. If you don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Becca and I Really Love Chocolate

I’m guessing you figured that out  =)


I travel for chocolate (Cuba, Nicaragua, Maui, Brazil, Ireland, even Food Shows), blog about chocolate . . . pretty much seduced by it since my first M&M. Yummmmmy!! I used to love the brown ones the best since I thought they had even more chocolate. To this day, I still believe it to be true.

And, I am pretty sure I am not alone in my chocolate addiction.

If you have been perusing the interwebs lately or the Wall Street Journal, Chocolate is the new popular kid that has moved into town and is here to stay.  So the more you know, the sooner you can become a chocolate connoisseur. I am basically telling you to eat as much chocolate as possible. Yabba dabba!


chocolate tasting party

Considering, we are also headed into February, we are basically hurdling towards one of the biggest chocolate holidays ever. Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, chocolate tends to be the star.  (if you are a dude reading this, chocolate will make you a star).

For starters, you’ll begin by purchasing 6 different types of chocolate (for last minute purchases, you can find some good options at World Market, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s). If you are in Seattle, SF or NYC you have the world of chocolate at your fingertips. Once you have selected 6, add them to the tasting mat.

(click on the pic, the image will download as a pdf, then print)

chocolate tasting mat


You’ll just need to select the correct quantity when printing which depends on the number of guests you are having. But feel free to print as many as you would like.


Next, you’ll need to get to judging all these lovely chocolates.

Use this Scoring Card. Use a 1 – 10 rating system.

chocolate tasting party scoring card

Add up the totals, and then you’ll know your favorite.

WARNING: there is a slight chance that every single one will be your favorite.



P.S. This is the bar I love and splurge on chocolate tasting plano

(click on the pic to see the price – say what? You’ll soon discover why)



P.P.S. Have you seen Eagranie Yuh’s chocolate tasting kit?

This gal is awesome!!!

eagranie yuh chocolate tasting kit

cacao in Cuba

Catalog | Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Catalog | Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Take a look at the entire catalog here

(and don’t forget to bookmark your favorite pages)

It includes:




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endangered species chocolate bar

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bar



Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bar (with Lemon Poppyseed) Review


On my recent trip to Whole Foods, I snagged a few bars including this Endangered Species chocolate bar

endangered species chocolate bar

Dark Chocolate and Lemon?

I dunno about this . . . I mean, I love lemon candles and essential oils but in my chocolate.  It probably won’t work.

Flavor: Rich deep dark chocolate combined with a lightness of being but unlike the book by Milan Kundera I found it to be quite bearable.  Light and fresh and surprisingly pleasing to my palette.



In all its naked glory!

endangered species chocolate bar


I’ll be seeing this one again, very soon!

endangered species chocolate bar


Grab your bar at your nearest healthy grocer or find it here and get it shipped to your house today (like, in 2 hours)






  P.S. If you are wanting to know even more about fine chocolate bars check out this post chocolate blogs