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Who can handle a 33-pound ‘Game of Thrones’ chocolate dragon egg?

    Here's what happens when you mix the Game of Thrones, with Chocolate and Selfridges . . . . To eat or not to eat??  Read the full story here //... Read More

Here’s the latest in the Chocolate world

Brit + Co added a new Chocolate diet, in fact, they called it a Chocolate cleanse! Check it out for yourself  I Went on a Chocolate Cleanse Diet for a Week and Here’s What... Read More

Best Chocolate in NYC

  Best Chocolate in NYC   The best of the best come to New York to seek fame and success, and it's no different with chocolatiers and candy men. Check out our collection of the best... Read More

Hey Chocoholics! This is For Your Very Own Chocolate Tasting Party

Hey Chocoholics! This is For Your Very Own Chocolate Tasting Party If you know me then you will know I have a thing for Chocolate. If you don't know me, allow me to introduce myself: I'm Becca and I... Read More

Catalog | Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Catalog | Dove Chocolate Discoveries Take a look at the entire catalog here (and don't forget to bookmark your favorite pages) It includes: Valentine's Day Football Party... Read More

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bar

    Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bar (with Lemon Poppyseed) Review   On my recent trip to Whole Foods, I snagged a few bars including this Endangered Species chocolate... Read More

FREE Printable

  It really is true, all you need is love and chocolate (just click the pic to download, print and frame)   //     Find more chocolate here and even more... Read More

The Cars of Cuba

One of the most fascinating sights in Cuba, was when my husband stepped outside of the airport to the bustling streets filled with antique cars.  The cars of Cuba are certainly a sight to see and I... Read More

Where to Eat in Cuba

Where to Eat in Cuba Everywhere you look there is a place to grab a bite.  But we weren;t on the lookout for just any eater but rather paladares. And, there are many uniques paladares in Cuba to... Read More

Taking the Hershey Train through Cuba

  Taking the Hershey Train through Cuba  Since I'm fascinated with CHOCOLATE, I was super excited to discover the Hershey Train that would not only serve as a unique way to see the country... Read More