8 Reasons Why I Keep Lemon Essential Oil By My Kitchen Sink

8 Reasons Why I Keep Lemon Essential Oil By My Kitchen Sink
8 Reasons Why I Keep Lemon Essential Oil By My Kitchen Sink

8 Reasons Why I Keep Lemon Essential Oil By My Kitchen Sink


Lemon essential oil (click here to see where I buy my therapeutic grade oils!) is one of my favorite oils to use in the household. Did you know it takes 75 lemons to make one bottle of lemon essential oil?!
It has millions of uses! I use it so often that I enjoy keeping a bottle of oil in my kitchen right next to my sink for easy reach!
Lemon oil has a million uses in the household, so picking my top 10 uses took a LOT of effort!
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1. Disinfecting cleaner. Added together with thieves oil, vinegar, and water, and you get an amazing all in one (natural) cleaner!
2. Produce Wash. Wash your produce safely by adding two or three drops to a big bowl of water to wash your freshly picked (or purchased) produce!
3. Remove sticky residue. Lemon oil makes an amazing natural Goo be Gone. This works well for sticky hands, stuck on labels (soak the bottle in some water and lemon oil for a few moments), any adhesive, and (so I’ve heard) gum stuck in your hair!
4. Detox drink. You can also add a few drops of lemon to a glass of water for an uplifting detoxifying drink. Replace your normal cup of coffee in the morning with lemon water to help get your energy levels up and running! This also is a great appetite suppression oil, which is why it is part of one of my favorite drinks!
6. Clean your microwave with ease.  Add water, a few drops of lemon essential oil and a bit of vinegar to a bowl. Microwave for five minutes and let sit for a few minutes. Remove the bowl and wipe out the microwave with a damp cloth (dampened with the vinegar and lemon oil mixture) and the stuck on mess should just come right off!
7. De-stink garbage cans. Add lemon oil to a cotton ball and put in the bottom of your garbage can before you put in a new bag to keep it smelling fresh. You can also add this cotton ball to your car, fridge, closet, or any other place that needs help!

8. Keep apples from browning. After cutting up an apple for a snack later on, spray some lemon oil and water on them to keep them fresh!

9. Add to dishwater. Add a few drops to your dishwasher soap container, or dish water in your sink, to help disinfect your dishes and get rid of grease and water spots.



Do you have any favorite uses for lemon essential oil? Be sure to stop by my Young Living page to see more oils and amazing deals we have going on when you sign up and purchase a new kit!


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