11 Ways To Make More Money with the DOVE Chocolate Discoveries Direct Sales Opportunity

11 Ways To Make More Money with the DOVE Chocolate Discoveries Direct Sales Opportunity
11 Ways To Make More Money with the DOVE Chocolate Discoveries Direct Sales Opportunity


11 Ways To Make More Money with the DOVE Chocolate Discoveries Direct Sales Opportunity


Direct Sales Tips for your Dove Chocolate Discoveries business

DOVE Chocolate Discoveries is a direct sales company based in Mt. Arlington NJ. It is a division of Dove, which is owned by Mars. Of course, Mars is well known as the makers of Snickers and M&M’s.

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This is a direct sales company you have got to get in front of people, that can be offline (in a home) or online.  Or even both!!  Attracting the attention of people is very easy since almost everyone loves Chocolate! Starting my business off by having just 1 open house in my home for my friends was my way of getting started.  They know I love chocolate and so do they.  For my open house I was able to choose something as simple as a crockpot hot cocoa bar or I could display lots of treats such as brownies, cookies or cakes.

Dove chocolate discoveries starter kit

The CHOCOLATE really does the talking. Yay!! Since I am not much of a direct sales person or MLMy kind of al, this really got me fired up.  So here are a few of my tips for making more money with DOVE:

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1. Jumpstart your business with at least 1 – 3 open house parties in the first month of joining the company. The more, the merrier.  Offer different times and different weekdays.  Friday nights might be a good one but also offer a Tuesday night if your girlfriends have Friday night plans.  You can even get creative by doing a Saturday morning brunch with chocolate waffles, chocolate coffees, chocolate chip scones with white chocolate glazes . . . yum!!!  This is a great way to quickly introduce your friends to your business while offering them a treat that they probably cannot resist.  With it being at your house, you can give it even more attention, by having everything laid out, more recipes in the oven (and maybe the kids or hubby will lend a hand.  No packing the car up, wondering if your remembered the order forms, catalogs or if that cake you made is going to fall over.

2.  Bookings: In order to receive you must ask.  Place a calendar with circled dates over the next 2 months that you are able to conduct a party or chocolate tasting party in their home . . . then pass this calendar around.  Give them options so they can envision what a party would look like, for example, wine & chocolate tasting, chocolate brunch, chocolate feast, 5-course meal with all courses chocolate, date night chocolate dinner . . . have fun with this and be willing to get creative with how you grab potential clients’ attention.

Dove chocolate discoveries starter kit

3. Add-on Sales.   When you are checking out at the grocery store OR at Target OR at Wal Mart . . . .what do you see at the cash register?  Gift cards, gum, candy bars, discounted items . . . and in general, the fun stuff.   Every month DOVE bundles products together as a special promotion that usually has a discounted price. Use that item as an add-on, show them in as many recipes as you can what it can be.

4. Build a TEAM: If I can do it, then anyone can do it.  What happens when you see a delish chocolate recipe on Facebook or Pinterest?  Your mouth drools a bit, its a post that might even be going viral . . everyone loves it.  How many times have you run into someone in your life who has absolutely hated chocolate?  What about Mary Kay cosmetics?  AVON? Should I go on?  Just not as fun IMHO

People like chocolate, are drawn to chocolate, consume chocolate and secretly all want to work in a chocolate factory.  Chocolate is fun.  And you will not need to push that onto anyone.

Dove chocolate discoveries starter kit

5.  Offer seasonal parties in your home.  Do more parties in your home. Besides the obvious Christmas time, Easter is a huge chocolate holiday, the summer begs for showing off our Chicken Chocolate Mole sauce and our Brisket rubs.  August and September is a nice time to show how to make food fast and scrumptious for that Back-to-School season.  Use these seasons to your advantage.

6.  Offer themed-parties in your home:  Let’s keep building that pipeline.  Your impact will go on for months and years to come.  For example, the new Hunger Games movie is coming out in November, why not teach guests how to make this cake.  Or a reward night for the Girl Scout troops after cookie selling season, have an indoor camp out and chocolate party making this Campfire cake. 

Or an insane Lucky Charms Cake!!

st patricks day cake recipe

The more I put thought into it, you can turn yourself into a Michaels Craft Store and offer a new class every month at your home.  This will build your mailing list, your pipeline and strengthen your presence in the community as the chocolate person.

7. Take advantage of the “fast start” program for new Chocolatiers!  DOVE has a 90 day incentive program that will get your business off to a BIG start and cut your business expenses. I

Let’s do the math.

Have just 1 party at your home.  Whatever theme that best fits you and your friends. This party will be your launching pad.  Make it your HUGE GRAND OPENING party then book at least 2 – 5 additional parties.  The rest will be history from there.  I will be your best ally because my marketing experience in corporate and starting my own business spans over 22 years.


8. The best part of the “fast start” program. Earn even more free credit with DOVE by sponsoring and helping new Chocolatiers with their business. DOVE will give you $100 supply credit for each and every new Chocolatier you start during the first 90 days. Sign and start as many as you can!!  Yes, I have your back.  I’m going to launch you into greatness.  All you have to do is COMMIT.

Dove chocolate discoveries starter kit

9. Facebook.  Yep, you know it, and so do tens of millions of people.  Feel free to let people know what you are doing and ask for help.  Or, maybe, if you NEVER want to hold parties and you are more of an online person, create recipes, take a photograph, share with friends.  Just pull them in with the amount of chocolate in your home.  Easy.

10.  Pinterest.  This site is full of WOMEN.  Women love chocolate.  You can put all of your chocolate recipes online.  But, if you don’t have a website, where would you link them back to?  Easy answer.  Your personal facebook page that you already have OR your business Facebook page (its free and you can create one in 10 minutes).  Pinterest, can bring you a lot of leads if you upload pictures that are the right dimension.  I’ll show you how to do this.  You’ll love it!!

11.  Online Blogging.  If you are a mom blogger, food blogger, chocolate blogger, baking blogger, lifestyle blogger you can build your sales and recruits all online (you can also do parties) . . but you can stick to creating recipes and sharing the recipes.  I love being out and being social but as an introvert, I’m super comfortable at my keyboard.  Besides, don’t you see people glued to their smart phones and social media channels all day?

This is where I sell chocolate and discover lovely chocolatiers like yourself.

By now, you may be chomping at the bit to get started.  I can’t blame you.  This is THE place to be. 
Reach out to me anytime and we can get you started. 
Dove chocolate discoveries starter kit

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To get my support, make sure to use my Consultant ID#23900 
Cheers Chocoholics!

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