5 Chocolate Bar Companies whose Wrappers Make Fabulous Accessories

5 Chocolate Bar Companies whose Wrappers Make Fabulous Accessories


Move over Starbucks Latte cups . . . there’s a new accessory in town . . . Chocolate Bars!

Chanel, Michael Kors, Kate Spade have nothing on these stunning chocolate bar wrappers.  Bonus: they are pretty eco friendly and a fraction of the cost of a Chanel bag.  The English, French, and even Americans have you covered when you want one of these fashion savvy delicious bars.

Its just a matter of time before we see celebrities like Nicole Richie to Reese Witherspoon to Kyle Richards toting around these gorgeous bars.  And if its not in their hands soon, then it will  probably be flying off the shelves at one of their chic boutiques in Beverly Hills or online at Reese’s Draper James shop.

Here are my picks for some of the most beautifully wrapped chocolate bars (and what celebrity would be matched up with it):

#1 Prestat Chocolate

Holy fabulousness.  This brand is all about the color blocking which has Katy Perry’s name all over it.   Fashion Week would be so proud of the graphic designers behind Prestat Chocolates.

prestat chocolates

#2 Baru Chocolates

Too cute and on fleek for words.  Hmmm . . . is that how you spell on fleek?  I see this Belgian Chocolate in the hands of Maddie Ziegler (of Dance Moms fame) and crew of course!

belgium chocolate  Baru

#3 Mast Brothers

These Brooklyn-based brothers must have a designer on hand who is channeling Kylie Jenner.  Mast Brothers designs are so unique and cutting edge like the youngest Kardashian herself.

mast brothers chocolate

#4 OmNom Chocolate

Iceland dances to the beat of a different drum. Imagine Lady Gaga carrying this bar or in true Gaga style she might create an entire dress out of these chocolate bar wrappers (which would be far better than the bacon dress she wore).

belgium chocolate  Baru

#5 Rococo Chocolates

Stunning and sweet chocolate bar wrappers which are perfect for the Reese Witherspoon kind of girl. Sweet designs + truly artful on wrapped in one.  Yep, that’s our Reese.

rococo chocolate bars

These chocolates are beautiful inside and out, like all my fellow Chocoholics! Tell me which one is your favorite and chat me up here or over on Facebook


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