6 Chocolate Shops in Brooklyn You Need to Visit Now

6 Chocolate Shops in Brooklyn You Need to Visit Now
6 Chocolate Shops in Brooklyn You Need to Visit Now

6 Chocolate Shops in Brooklyn You Need to Visit Now

 I recently took a fabulous (chocolate) trip to New York and spent the day in Brooklyn.  Thankfully, I was walking as much as I was eating because I visited so many cafes but these 6, these were my rockstar chocolate shops. 


Mast Brothers

One of the first Brooklyn-based bean-to-bar makers, Williamsburg’s Mast Brothers is run by 2 brothers Rick & Michael Mast who have one of the hippest shops in the world.  Yep, probably Brooklyn too but these hipsters serve up hip and ridiculously good chocolate.  When you are in Brooklyn, you have to visit because not only are there chocolate bars but here’s a brew bar for chocolate drinks and . . . chocolate tours of these cool chocolatiers.  Yes please!

Mast Brothers chocolate in brooklyn

Nunu Chocolates

Over by Downtown Brooklyn, Nunu Chocolates combines humble ingredients like potato chips and beer with exquisite chocolate. Justine and her husband Andy started Nunu Chocolates with the belief that the world is a better place when chocolate is involved. We all agree.  And, at this shop, while you are eating chocolate you can also watch the chocolates being made in the store.

Nunu Chocolates in Brroklyn    

The Chocolate Room

  Oprah herself stamped her seal of approval on this fantastical chocolate shop in Park Slope.   Chocolate layer cake, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate mousse cake, chocolate caramel popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate pecan bars . . . its all chocolate here.   You can’t go wrong with that.    
The Chocolate Room Brooklyn      

Cocoa Bar

  Despite its name, Cocoa Bar is less a bar than a chocolate-themed café and sweets shop.   Their motto is “Cafe by Day, Wine Bar by night” . . . which is perfect because I made a visit in the day and the night.  When you go, I recommend the hot cocoa.  Hands down!!  
cocoa bar brooklyn      

Raaka Chocolate

  Raaka Chocolate, founded in 2010, has a new factory in Brooklyn’s Red Hook that offers 45-minute tours.  
Forget 7 minutes of heaven . . . its 45 minutes of heaven (sorry, I had to mention it!!)
I mean who wouldn’t want to take a bite of their Maple Bar, yummy!


Raaka Chocolate Brooklyn

Photo Credit: Raaka Chocolate

  I even mentioned something very interesting about Raaka here      




Jacques Torres

  Jacques Torres, aka “Mr. Chocolate,” has a New York City mini-empire. And my hands down fave of his?  The classic chocolate chip cookie.  Run, don’t walk to his shop in Brooklyn right in DUMBO.  Its amazing, its so amazing I still dream of my time there and this will be the first chocolate shop I return to when I get back to Brooklyn.   When I think about all those subscription boxes of toys or makeup or dog toys . . . I’d like to create one that comes every Monday morning to my house.  And it is filled with chocolate chip cookies with massive chocolate chunks.  Just a random thought Mr. Chocolate.  
  Jacques torres brooklyn


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