Chocolate Bunny Cocktails

Chocolate Bunny Cocktails
Chocolate Bunny Cocktails

Chocolate Bunny Cocktails

This is a bunny for you adults.

Because the kids are running around you during Spring Break.

Because your commute to work stinks.

Because the rat race is wearing you down.

Because.  Just because.

Some people like to meditate.

Some people like chocolate.

And some like a dash of liquor.

I like it all.

Here’s what you do — buy an extra bunny while you are out getting treats for the kids’ Easter baskets.  Or go all out and get the happiest chocolate around like I did, Belfine Easter Chocolate.  These Belgians kick ass at holiday chocolate and hell, they’re Belgian.  You are supposed to buy one thing from this country at all times – CHOCOLATE!

chocolate bunny hack

chocolate box

Use a very sharp knife to saw off those yummy ears or your own teeth.  Your call.

Pour in your choice of liquor, I chose Patron Espresso Liquor but you can also do the Dove Chocolate Martini Mix (you can’t lose).

Add some whip cream and a straw – the bunny is looking right at that whip cream.

Put the ears on and make it a great Spring.

chocolate bunny hack

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