25 Chocolate Bars Under $5 You Should Splurge on During your Toddler’s Naptime

25 Chocolate Bars Under $5  You Should Splurge on During your Toddler’s Naptime
25 Chocolate Bars Under $5 You Should Splurge on During your Toddler’s Naptime

Transform your toddler’s naptime into your magical retreat of chocolate.

These 25 bars will take you one step closer to the rejuvenation that you need besides

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Kate Kearney Irish Coffee Chocolate Bar

The legend of Irish beauty Kate Kearney has touched the hearts of visitors to Ireland for hundreds of years. She was well known for her generosity to passing travelers at her cottage in Killarney, Co. Kerry. This bar is part of the range of delicious confectionery named after this woman, in celebration of the Irish tradition of hospitality. This mouth-watering Kate Kearney chocolate bar has been infused with the taste of an Irish coffee and will prep you for when your toddler wakes up and is ready to run circles around you.

fine chocolate

Ritter Sport Raisin Cashew

For RITTER SPORT Raisins Cashew not only the raisins were picked out, but also the nuts. For this masterpiece of chocolate Ritter Sport uses 8% of the best organic sultanas from the USA and 12% of delicate, aromatic organic cashews..Everything is wrapped into creamy milk chocolate made with the finest cocoa beans from Ecuador.

fine chocolate






Russell Stover Red Velvet Big Bite

Its Red Velvet!

Its Big!

What else do I need to say?

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 10.25.43 AM


Chocome Fortina Finest Selection Dark Chocolate 65.1%, Ground Chili, Orange Flavored Chocolate Chips, Hazelnuts and Pistachio From Bronte

 This is not the chocolate you want to give to someone who will gulp it down without appreciation for this quality of dark chocolate and combination if totally unique ingredients.  This is for Mommy!

fine chocolate



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Hammond’s More S’mores

While you were busy helping the kiddos at their last campout, you never had a chance to sit down and indulge in your own s’mores.  Now its your time (and this is mess free).

fine chocolate

Perugina Milk Chocolate and Cappuccino Bar

Before kids, you could spend time at Starbucks relaxing with friends, your iPad and savoring your cappuccino.

That time is now over.  This is your cappuccino.

fine chocolate

Madecasse Madagascar Chocolate Citrus & Pink Pepper

Its bright, floral, and sweet.  Everything that explains naptime for you.

This bar has an unexpected twist of flavor, this bar features Combava fruit – a fruit closely related to lime –, with a subtle Pink Peppercorn finish. This is your SWEET time.





madecasse fine chocolate




Cadbury Double Decker Bar

Cadbury is perfection.

cadbury double decker





Dove chocolate discoveries starter kit



Wild Ophelia All Natural Bar, Sweet Cherry Pecan Milk Chocolate

Here is the flavor profile given to this bar:

Pecans with a robust aroma and a mellow bite juxtaposed with dried, tart Traverse City, Michigan cherries, swimming in milk chocolate.

They had me at ‘swimming’

wild ophelia chocolate

Moonstruck Chocolate Dark Chocolate Espresso Bean Bar

Feeling sluggish after running to MOPS or Mommy & Me, then hitting up the library, then the grocery store, then realizing you have a play date in the afternoon and the house looks like a tornado just rolled through?

Eat this bar.

Then go back to being what you are, SuperMom


moonstruck chocolate





Kalev White Chocolate with Rice Crisps and Blueberries

Sweet and creamy white chocolate is well balanced by rice crisps and sour pieces of blueberry. This bar takes you to one of the items on your bucket list of travel – Estonia.  But with your little one, it will be years before you get there.  Indulge in this and know you’ll be back to your bucket list of adventures soon enough.

kalev chocolate

Falize Chocolates De France Milk Chocolate


Carrie Bradshaw approved.

falize chocolate





Taza Chocolate Mexicano Chocolate Disc, Salted Almond


Taza Chocolate Mexicano Chocolate Disc, Salted Almond

Pavlidou Greek Traditional Dark Chocolate Bar

 Another adventurous find that I just loved.  Your toddler gives you enough adventure and with this bar coming in close to 5 bucks, adventure solo on this one.

Pavlidou Greek Traditional Dark Chocolate Bar





Dove chocolate discoveries starter kit

Lake Champlain Organic Milk Chocolate Granola Bar

They have your granola, you have your granola (covered in chocolate of course).

Lake Champlain Organic Milk Chocolate Granola Bar



Take 5 Bars

A classic bar that is my go to when I want a solid bar filled with lots of crunch.  It’s got a pretzel center covered with peanut butter then a layer of caramel, a few chopped peanuts and then it’s covered in milk chocolate.

Take 5 Bar

Klondike Caramel Candy

No freezer needed  – meaning you can hide this gem from anyone in any place.


Klondike Caramel Candy


Q Chocolate Bar

Since you won’t be heading to Carnaval soon, this is your piece of Brazil in your living room.  Just you and a Brazilian.

Q Chocolate Bar Brazil



Nestle Damak Milk Chocolate w/ Pistachio

Taking its name from the Turkish word for taste, NESTLÉ® Damak™ /dih-mok/ features a unique combination of creamy chocolate and world-renowned Turkish pistachios. Backed by an over-80-year heritage, this beloved indulgence derives its deliciously distinct taste from Turkey’s time-honored craft of cultivating the world’s most savory and intensely flavored pistachios. Each piece is packed with whole pistachios from the revered Gaziantep region, surrounded by silky smooth chocolate.

Nestle Damak Milk Chocolate w/ Pistachio

The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

It all began in the back of a tiny shop in Colonial Williamsburg. Carefully selecting and hand roasting the finest Virginia peanuts available-plump, golden and gently blistered in our unique cooking process. And for 40 years we have continued to do business in this same thoughtful way. It’s comforting to know that for four decades, the simple goodness of our home-style peanut has changed very little.

The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Dark Chocolate Sea Salt


Dinas Sol Azucar Morena (Brown Sugar)

I see a cup of coffee and the sun shining . . works for me!

Dinas Sol Azucar Morena (Brown Sugar)

Gluten Free Cocoa Orange Bar from Nakd

 You are still on the gluten free thing.  This bar isso yummy to me but then again I love that chocolate/orange combo just like I put in this cookie.

Nakd - Cocoa Orange Bar Gluten Free


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Jewish Israeli Certified Kosher Milk Chocolate Bar

I loved this one.  Its kosher and its divine!!Jewish Israeli Certified Kosher Milk Chocolate



Kinder Country

Crazy.  Just crazy good.  Kinder Country chocolate bar t combines the goodness of Kinder’s chocolate with the simplicity of cereals. A tasty Kinder chocolate bar that contains, in the soft milky filling, the crispness of 5 cereals (barley, rice, wheat, spelt and buckwheat) simply puffed and roasted, to be enjoyed in every bite. Cereal is pretty much your way of life.  This is the Mommy naptime version.

Kinder Country



Meiji – Choco Baby Candy

Yummy bites of chocolate makes this bar full of chocolate babies.  Enjoy!  I did and so do the Japanese!

Meiji - Choco Baby Candy


P.S. Or make your own with this neat chocolate bar mold

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