Corporate Team Building with Chocolate

Corporate Team Building with Chocolate
Corporate Team Building with Chocolate

Corporate Team Building with Chocolate

I have been fortunate to be in front of the tireless workers behind Ray Ban, Biogen,, Tory Burch, Mastercard and thousands of others training and speaking on development topics.

CREATIVITY + CHOCOLATE merge together in my latest blend of team building + creativity speaking

In this half-day session:

Creative Corporate Training

All Innovation starts with great ideas. You may be number one now, but if you’re people are not innovating, your competition is, and they will knock you out of the lead. To stay ahead you need to constantly reinvent and have new ideas ready to go.  Exercising the idea and creativity muscle takes work and your employees need to be trained.

In this Half Day Training* on “Becoming Willy Wonka”

Your team will be facilitated through discussion on how and why Willy Wonka is the World’s Best Innovator:

Dallas corporate team building


This half day workshop will inspire your team through discussion and hands-on chocolate fun how to bring more creativity to their work.

Please reach out to me so we can work together and make your event something the team will always remember and grow stronger from.  I am available to travel within the United States and outside the United States (with proper lead time).


Becoming Willy Wonka is a series of chocolate team building events created for groups to build morale amongst co-workers to increase communication and innovation, and strengthen their CREATIVITY muscles. This is definitely the sweetest little team builder you’ll ever be a part of. The benefits in productivity + CREATIVITY will last long after the last chocolate has vanished!

As always, your chocolate event is customizable but this session typically runs 3 hours:

dallas team building


You can reach me by going to the Contact Form here on my site OR email:
Becca Niederkrom
Fee Category: $2500 – $6500
Travels From: Dallas, TX
All correspondence will be returned within 24-hours. 
**Each event is limited to a maximum number of people, multiple events can be booked to accommodate your company
**To confirm your event, 50% is due to be placed on the schedule


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