How do I monetize my blog?

How do I monetize my blog?
How do I monetize my blog?

The #1 question I receive about my blog, is how do I make money?

Or, can you make money off of something as simple as a blog?


You betcha! Wherever you have an online audience, whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook (personal or a page), Twitter, blogs, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest . . . you can make money.  People can make $50,000 per month, $200,000 per month or $500 per month.  Its a lot of work but you anyone can do it.

Here’s a list of ways I monetize on mine (this is a quick post, but there are even more ways to make money):

1.  Google Adsense

These are the ads on my site, Google is just 1 ad network but there are ten + more.

Never click on your own or ask friends to, Google knows all.  Act with integrity.

2.  Affiliate Marketing

If done right this, method is a great way to monetize your blog. Many of the previous methods can be used as affiliate marketing methods, but often a review of a product can work just as well.

For example, if you have a gardening website you could research affiliate programs that contain products related to gardening. Perhaps someone wants people to advertise their new lawnmower product, you could write a blog entry ‘What’s the best lawnmower for my garden?’ and at the end you could promote the affiliate product.  You can put this on any of your social media accounts from blog to Facebook, just make it authentic.

With this type of advertising, you can get a commission with every sale that resulted from your recommendation.

It can be a physical product or  a software product.  On this site, I recommend chocolate bars as well as recipe books and even cooking gadgets.  It makes sense for what I am doing.



3. Write a Product Review

Basically the same as Affiliate Marketing, but more obvious. You can write detailed reviews about products and publish them on your site.

Have you used a software for your job that you can promote authentically on your LinkedIn page or Facebook page?

Or like me, do you like to cook? I am able to put my Chicken Mole sauce and recipe on my personal and business Facebook pages with an affiliate link.

4. Create and Sell your own product

If you have a product that you have made, then why not sell it on your website.

I have seen business planners, blog planners, software products and chocolate brownie mixes sold online.


become a chocolatier



5. Create Tutorials

The internet is a great place to find information. Everyone searches for tutorials detailing how to do something. You are reading a guide yourself on ’30 ways your website can earn you money’ right now!

I have a few but my most popular one is about how to best make money off of those Chamber of Commerce meetings and effectively network in person.  Go here to see it




6.  MLM parties but only online

When you think Mary Kay, Tupperware, PartyLite candles, you typically think of “parties”.  Forget parties.  Eyeballs are online.  I use Dove Chocolate Discoveries and Young Living Essential Oils to build an online and offline income (its like an affiliate link that just keeps giving).

If you like chocolate, you would love the Dove Chocolate Discoveries plan.  For about 100 bucks you get a huge box of chocolate to make whatever you want for your family – from sweet to savory recipes.  And if you want, share the recipes on your Facebook page with an affiliate link to get those 100 bucks back.
Sell more if you want or not . .

Dove chocolate discoveries starter kit

7.  Webinars

Webinar’s are basically a live workshop online. People go on to Webinar’s to hear you talk about your specialist subject. This is great for people who want to hear your message but do not have the time or money to travel to you.

I use to schedule all of my webinars.

I like the method of 1 to many rather than 1 on 1.

You will make money from webinars by charging an individual for a virtual seat on your presentation. They pay to watch you perform your presentation online and they can interact during the process.  You can also allow attendees to view your webinar for free and sell a product or consulting at the end.

8. Sell an eBook

Take all of your LinkedIn entries, your blog entries, your recipes, your slideshows . . . whatever it is that you are super passionate about and create an ebook out of it.  People want the fast forward version of your information (even though its all out there for free).

Want more info on that?

9. Become a Brand Ambassador

Choose Dove Chocolate, Lindt Chocolate, Evernote app, Microsoft application  . . . every company is looking for someone like you who is passionate and uses their products every day.

So, these are just 9 ways out of hundreds.

Go get out of your box and start leveraging yourself online.  Please!



P.S.  Get your Chocolate Lovers Box here


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