The Chocolate in Finland You Need to Know (and eat)

The Chocolate in Finland You Need to Know (and eat)
The Chocolate in Finland You Need to Know (and eat)


The Chocolate in Finland You Need to Know (and eat)



Today’s post is written by the adventurer of The Travel Camel, Shane Dallas.  He is a traveler extraordinaire with a unique perspective on connecting with the world. 

The sixth food group is alive and well in Finland, and this is almost entirely due to a brand called Karl Fazer. Founded in 1891 (a fact emblazoned across their product line) this is a chocolate brand found everywhere in the country; it is in convenience stores, department stores, and airports to name just a few.

There are many products in the Karl Fazer stable – plain milk, dark, hazelnut, pear & almond, orange & crisps, red berries, strawberry & vanilla, cookie crisps and the list goes on…. I’m salivating just thinking of them all.

I chose three to taste. My initial foray into the world of Finnish chocolate was the plain milk – and the first bite revealed this to be an exquisitely produced chocolate. It was silky smooth, with a gentle texture that soon had me reaching for more. One could roll a piece around your mouth and the evenness of the texture was constant throughout.


chocolate from Finland

Photo Credit: Shane Dallas of The Travel Camel


Next on the tasting list was my favorite – the combination of a white chocolate topping a milk chocolate bar. I’m very biased to this sort of chocolate – one can attack a piece from different angles and enjoy a different experience. This was the finest example of the white/milk double in my chocolate consuming quest, and I can assure you that I have tasted a few. The smoothness of the milk chocolate was again evident, and the white portion was equally smooth. White chocolate can almost be sickly sweet, but not with this bar.   Finally, there was the beautifully packaged dark chocolate with a twist of mint. Usually I am not a fan of dark chocolate as it too bitter, but this was a soft taste and the hint of mint was not overpowering that can occur with many who try this combination. Though very nice, and though it would appeal to lovers of dark chocolate the world over, I was soon heading back to try more of the milk chocolate varieties.


chocolate from Finland

Photo Credit: Shane Dallas of The Travel Camel


The Finns are most proud of Karl Fazer, and proclaim it as the best chocolate in the world. I am still unsure if it is the best, but it certainly is amongst the top three (along with Lindt in Switzerland and Haigh’s in Australia) as the best chocolate I have ever had the pleasure to consume.   Perhaps there is something special in the cool, fresh air of Finland that allows chocolate of this quality to be produced, but whatever the reason, you should do yourself a favour and grab some Karl Fazer if you ever get the opportunity. You will be very pleasantly surprised.



Shane Dallas is an adventurer, blogger and speaker who has traveled to more than 90 countries. Though Shane is usually found exploring less traveled destinations around the world (particularly those in Africa, Asia and the Middle East) he also possesses a passion for chocolate, and indulges in it often during his travels. Connect with Shane on Facebook and Twitter.  See all of his travels on The Travel Camel.    
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