The 19 Best Chocolate Blogs

The 19 Best Chocolate Blogs
The 19 Best Chocolate Blogs


The 19 BEST Chocolate Blogs

Chocolate has become one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world and these Chocolatiers and bloggers love to tell you all about.  Each blog brings its unique perspective of chocolate to the world and I love each one for this  =)  Enjoy!

1.  Chocolate in Context

Emily Stone is a traveler + chocolate enthusiast – this always makes for great chocolate inspiration.

2.  Chocablog

chocolate easter cake

3.  Chocolate News

Chocked full of info on many varieties of chocolate dating back to 2007, looks like it has wound down a bit since 2014 but still a great source of information


4. Chocolate Obsession

This blog has stopped being updated; however, it began in 2005 (the very beginning of blogging time), full of info.  This site exists to share that love with anybody of a like mind in the form of news, recipes, reviews, and any other chocolate fun – my fave part about this blog – they claim to be an equal opportunity when it comes to chocolate.  After being chastised by a chocolate connoisseur for enjoying a Russian brand of chocolate . . . I like when we are encouraged to enjoy all foods (no snobbery needed).

5.  The Chocolate Life

Clay Gordon runs this extensive blog that contains groups, classifieds, videos and a forum.  He is also one of the judges behind The Chocolate Show.

la maison du chocolat nyc

6.  Chocolate Alchemy

Unbelievable that this chocolate blog has been around since 2003!!  This blog and extensive forum explores the science end of things in the Cacao world.

7.  Chocolate Codex

Visually appealing and super organized blog that outshines most others.  Brilliant styling of pictures, inforgraphics and text to give a comprehensive story of each bar reviewed.  Bookmark this one if you are a fine chocolate fan!

8.  Got Chocolate

Laura Rucker has created a delightfully, lighthearted chocolate blog full of recipes and all-around yumminess.  Her motto is “Be happy and eat chocolate!”

9. Chocolate & Zucchini

I first met Clotilde when interviewing her on my podcast, such a lovely woman! She lives in Paris and has 2 passions: Chocolate and Vegetables.  My favorites as well.  Although her blog isn’t solely dedicated to chocolate, she does have an abundance of chocolate recipes that are stunning and delicious!

10. The Ultimate Chocolate Blog

Lisabeth is the blogger behind the Ultimate Chocolate Blog; she is chocolatier and pastry professional who works with and tastes new varieties of chocolate on a regular basis . . . and then she shares of this chocolate knowledge with us (consistently).  I love that she works with chocolate + she sells chocolate and can truly speak from her own experience.

11. Mostly About Chocolate

Judith Lewis is a chocolate extraordinaire!  She travels the globe visiting chocolatiers, is a judge for the Academy of Chocolate Awards, as well as the International Chocolate Awards.  So much info about chocolate on her site that all I can say is to bookmark her page.  You will not be disappointed!

12. Chocolate Blog

Lots of chocolate bars and chocolate products are reviewed here.

13.  Finding Fine Chocolate

Barbie Van Horn is simply effervescent when sharing her love of fine and artisan chocolate (and she shares everywhere, even ‘scopes Chocolate – Periscope that is).  You’ll want to fall into every one of her Instagram chocolate bar pics.  Lovee.

14. Chocolatour

Doreen Pendgracs is the author of Chocolatour: A Quest for the World’s Best Chocolate–an award-winning chocolate travel book that guides you to the finest chocolate and chocolate experiences of the world.  Bookmark her site!

15. Cocoa Heaven

chocolate blogs

16. Dying for Chocolate

17. Chocolatier

Chocolate news, reviews and interviews on the Chocolatier UK blog, written by professional food writers.

18. The Chocolate Journalist

Sharon Terenzi adores fine chocolate and wants the world to know this is THE chocolate to eat for a win-win.

19. Chocolate, Chocolate and More

Joan Hayes was the queen of Chocolate recipe blogs who we lost in October of this year.  Due to a diagnosis of my own this year that I was told would also end my life, Joan has inspired me to continue to chase after whatever I think is fun and makes people happy.  Although, some might say she was not a fine chocolate expert, I too love all things chocolate as she did.  Furthermore,  she was a genius blogger and marketer so that she could best care for her 3 children. #ChocolateforJoan



P.S.  Want to see how to make chocolate? Watch episode 200 here




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