Top 3 Sweet Spots in Chelsea NYC

Top 3 Sweet Spots in Chelsea NYC
Top 3 Sweet Spots in Chelsea NYC


Top 3 Sweet Spots in Chelsea NYC

Leonidas Chocolate

Since 1910, Leonidas Chocolates of Belgium have been renowned for their fine quality and strong commitment to freshness.

And for the past, almost 30 years, we can find them right here in the Big Apple.

Butter Creams, Dark Chocolate Gianduja . . oh my!

chocolate shops in chelsea

Fat Witch Bakery

Deep inside the Chelsea Market, you’ll find brownies, brownies and even more brownies inside the shop called Fat Witch Bakery.  This decadently evil Chelsea Market mystic casts its spell with an addictive variety of terrific chocolate brownies (and blondies too!) that pack a melt-in-your-mouth sugar high and make most yummy gifts.

Flavors include the Original Witch, Caramel Witch, Blondie Witch, Double Chocolate Witch and lots of other yummies.

 fat witch bakery

LA Burdick

Best known for its petite chocolate penguins and mice, the family-owned, New Hampshire–based brand debuted in New York  with a shop and café.  Yay for cafes! Assorted pastries, marzipan, dipped caramels and assorted truffles.

Larry’s pursuit of fine cuisine and chocolate began in the late 1970s, when a passion for all things French led him to Paris and, shortly thereafter, Switzerland. During a visit to Bern in the mid-1980s, Larry discovered in a confiserie the heady aroma of pure chocolate and hand-made delicacies that propelled him to launch the company bearing his name today. L.A. Burdick Chocolate was established in New York City in 1987, when Larry returned from Switzerland bearing a chocolate pot, guitars for cutting shapes, dipping forks and a plan to create true chocolate confections. Five years later, he and his family – his wife, Paula, and their two children – moved their thriving small business to Walpole, New Hampshire. At their new chocolate shop and tea room, Larry’s exquisite chocolate bonbons quickly garnered a devoted following. L.A. Burdick Chocolate has since continued to expand, with several tea rooms and chocolate shops, a French-style restaurant and small specialty grocery store.

la burdick chocolates

Pssssst . . . you may also want to check out the chocolate shops I visited in Brooklyn, Soho, the best ice cream shops NYC has to offer, the Upper East Side and of course the West Village

chocolate box

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