The Upper East Side’s 4 Sweetest Chocolate Shops

The Upper East Side’s 4 Sweetest Chocolate Shops
The Upper East Side’s 4 Sweetest Chocolate Shops

The Upper East Side’s 4 Sweetest Chocolate Shops

Pop culture has regularly characterized the Upper East Side as a destination to be avoided, void of the true essence of New York and stifled by the rich.   But I couldn’t disagree more, I find the the Upper East Side a steady and classic foundation to the city full of character, small shops, large shops and iconic places to frequent.

Richart Design

This French chocolatier well known for creative, high quality chocolates and the stunning  beauty of their chocolate creations but you need to stop by if you are a Macaron lover.  This is THE place for full sized French Macarons.

richart chocolates nyc


La Maison du Chocolate

Now not only do they serve up some mean chocolate macaroons but they know how to fill a box of chocolate (take note men – this is what your women want).   But they don’t stop at macaroons and boxes of chocolates, they’ve got chocolate-loaded truffles, eclairs and ice cream.

la maison du chocolat nyc

  • Dylan’s Candy Bar

    Willy Wonka would put his stamp of approval on this colorful 2-story candy shop on the Upper East side.  Its whimsical, colorful and brings smiles because its just all so pretty!
    Dylan Lauren (yup, she’s the daughter of Ralph) has created a candy empire that spans far outside of the Big Apple.  So if you have ever had one of her lollipops or candy creations in your town make sure you stop into the mother land when you are in NYC.  Especially if the kids are with you (don’t forget your wallet)
    Dylan's Candy Bar NYC

Royce Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a shop who sells chocolate covered potato chips.  I dare you to eat just 1 or 2 or 3 . . . ok, just buy a second bag.

The 80′s produced some memorable icons like Madonna, Atari and . . . Royce Chocolates from Japan.

This is indeed, the most unique chocolates offering MAccha chocolate, popcorn chocolate,

royce chocolate nyc
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brooklyn chocolate shops

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