The 3 Best Bakeries on the Upper West Side

The 3 Best Bakeries on the Upper West Side
The 3 Best Bakeries on the Upper West Side

The 3 Best Bakeries on the Upper West Side


Levain Bakery

lavain bakery

The cookies were huge. The cookies were moist. The cookies were rich. The cookies were slightly warm. Just go there and get some cookies.

Speaking as a chocoholic I can say that Levain serves the best hot chocolate and choc chip cookies ever. The hot chocolate was rich and full of flavor and the cookie was packed with nuts and chips that were still in the molten state.

lavain bakery

Dove chocolate discoveries starter kit


Silver Moon Bakery

Located on the upper West Side of Manhattan, this bakery  makes cakes and tarts for festive occasions: dinners, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and anytime there are celebrations.  Beautiful to look at, even more delicious to eat.  Silver Moon makes 44 kinds of artisan bread and rolls regularly  – bread anyone? Brioche anyone?  Since opening in November 2000, the award-winning bakery has gathered fans from far and wide.

And, if you can’t make it in, they ship some of their lovely carbs right to your belly . . . I mean, door.

silver moon bakery




upper west side bakeries

Probably my favorite bakery in Manhattan.

This place can be easily missed because it stands farther on the corner under a dark awning. It’s small and has no seats but fine by me. I’m just there for the delicious pastries and the quick line.

Pain d’Epices is an old-fashioned, French-inspired, family-owned NYC bakery on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. We are the owners of the Muffins Shop Café around the corner, and have been proudly serving this neighborhood for over 20 years. When we re-opened the bakery, formerly known as Soutine, the intention was to maintain the established bakery much as it had been in its 30-year history, a neighborhood favorite.


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