5 Chocolate Shops in the West Village, New York City to Treat Yourself

5 Chocolate Shops in the West Village, New York City to Treat Yourself
5 Chocolate Shops in the West Village, New York City to Treat Yourself

5 Chocolate Shops in the West Village, New York City to Treat Yourself

Thank goodness for all of the awesomeness of the West Village as I walked myself silly wondering through the streets in search of chocolate.  I needed to do a lot of walking because I was about to be bombarded by 5 of the most awesome chocolate shops ever!  Including Manhattan’s oldest chocolate shop around. Next time you are in the West Village, you MUST go to these.  All of them my Chocoholics!

chocolate box 

Li-Lac Chocolates

 Is hands-down Manhattan’s oldest chocolate shop who has been making small batches of handmade confections since 1923.  OMG.  That’s almost 100 years!! Their chocolate creams and walnut bars are out of this world but what I really love about Li-Lac Chocolates are their one-of-a-kind chocolate molds of iconic New York buildings.  Without a doubt, a perfect gift to bring home if you are visiting from out of town.

(now headed to Brooklyn with these shops)

lilac chocolates new york city

Photo Credit: LiLac Chocolates



The Dessert Club


Where should I start?  No literally.

I have no idea where to start because TDC offers  Cookie Eclairs, Ferrero Nutella Dough’ssants, Jack Daniels Bread Pudding, Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich and a number of other yummy to the tummy treats.

You have to go to their site – here’s a snapshot -

best bakeries in nyc

or better yet, walk into their shop and choose one to eat right away.

Check out the Founder. Chika Tillman’s story, on how she went from Wall Street Banker to World Wide Baker . . . she is a rockstar!

best bakeries in west village


Varsano’s Chocolates

A mom and pop kinda chocolate shop that makes you feel like home.  This was my kind of shop, everything was perfectly imperfect . . . and everything made with a ton of love and passion.

Love this place.

And I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but if you live in Manhattan, they have same day delivery service.  This could get very dangerous.

best chocolate in the west village


You can become your own chocolatier (even if its just for your own cravings)

Dove chocolate discoveries starter kit

The Chocolate Bar

When I think of a name like chocolate bar, I think of a bar that onle serves up chocolate sort of like a wine bar or coffee bar.  That thought alone makes me want to grab my suitcase and just move in.  Although, it is NYC so I’m guessing there’s probably not much room for me to live amongst the chocolate. 
However, there are opening hours so I can visit any time during those. 

best chocolate shops in west village

Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar


Nothing makes me happier than a bar who consistently gets their chocolate into the tummies of so many people week after week with their chocolate (and wine) tastings.  Although, I was running through the city and missed it, I did get to enjoy one of their many morsels of chocolate.  And by morsel, I mean . . a damn chocolate buffet.

Would you like fondue? Make that  an Apple/Marshmallow/Pretzel/Shortbread fondue with a side of Halva, wash it down with an Almond Chocolate Martini and maybe a Chocolate Pizza to take with you when you get the munchies while watching Seth Myers and Fred chit chat later that night?

west village best chocolate shops


 Do you have 1 new favorite here or 5 new favorite chocolate shops?

Check out the out the other neighborhoods and treats like Brooklyn, yummy ice cream shops, and of course Soho!

Love & Chocolate,


dove chocolate discoveries starter kit

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