16 Kitchen Essentials to Get Ready for the Holiday Baking Season

16 Kitchen Essentials to Get Ready for the Holiday Baking Season
16 Kitchen Essentials to Get Ready for the Holiday Baking Season

The kitchen is where holiday memories happen, whether it’s baking with kids, getting every inch of your kitchen covered in flour or trying to master grandma’s secret recipes . . . Spritz cookies anyone?  Before the the season descends, stock up on a few essentials and get your kitchen ready for a season of cookie/chocolate/cake/pie adventures.

16 Kitchen Essentials to Get Ready for the Holiday Baking Season

handmade towels

1. DIY Kitchen Towel: With lots of baking comes many, many messes. But when towels are this easy and fun to personalize, you won’t even mind wiping up yet another creation

snowflake cookie cutters

2. Snowflake Dough Cutters: Cover a pie with these snowflake embellishments for some serious kitchen cred. Or make cookies or chocolates.  Whatever.  Snowflake cookie cutters are a seal of approval.

silpat for baking

3. Silpat Silicone Cookie Sheet Liners: Save yourself from last-minute trips to the store to get wax paper or spray grease and invest in one of these cookie sheet liners. These liners are the secret ingredient to pastry perfection… and they make baking cleanup a breeze.

kitchen notepad

4. Cupcake Notepad: Stick this cute notepad in your junk drawer or on top of your counter for quick note jotting and recipe creating.

cookie stamps

5. Cookie Stamps: The set from Nordic Ware is classically beautiful and will simply imprint with magical Christmas-y goodness.

handmade cookie jar

6. HandMade Maple Cookie Jar: This beautiful jar can hold onto all your beautiful cookies until you open the lid and dive in.

holiday cookie recipe book

7. Holiday Cookies Baking Book: How many times have your baking aspirations been crushed by an ingredient list a mile long? When you don’t have the time or budget to spend on lengthy recipes, grab some ideas out of this awesome cookbook and check holiday baking off your to-do list.

cupcake stands

8. Cupcake Stand: You put a lot of work into decorating those little cupcakes so obviously they deserve to be displayed in style on a throne.



9. Le Creuset Apple Tarte Tartin Pan: Any baking enthusiast knows Le Creuset is famous for offering slow, steady heating, so tarts, pies, cobblers and quiches are evenly cooked.

wooden measuring spoons


10. Measuring Wooden Spoons: Could measuring spoons be any more beautiful?  These spoons say “Forever” to me

tivoli radio

11. Tivoli Radio: The best inspiration is music, so tune into your fave station that will be playing holiday tunes from now until December 26 and keep the momentum going in the kitchen.  My husband just bought me one for my birthday which also happens to fall on #NationalChocolateDay and the sound quality is beyond.


custom rolling pin

12. Custom Holiday Rolling Pin: Whether your holiday baking plans involve intricate pastries or making sugar cookies with the kids, every kitchen deserves one of these pretty, custom rolling pins.


holiday spatulas

13. Holiday Spatula: Not only is this spatula totally festive, it doubles as decor when it sticks out of your utensil canister.  I love this multipurpose tool!!



pastry blender from cake boss

14. Pastry Blender: I have made pie crusts every which way but the way to make a pie crust for the best outcome (after all those long hours of creation) is to use a proper pastry blender.  You know I’m right!

tipsy elves sweatshirt

15. Holiday Baking Team Sweatshirt: A perfect way to get your friends and family (possibly husband??) in on the baking fun is with these super awesome sweatshirts.  Once they feel part of a team, then they will be even more inspired to bake.

hershey kiss christmas printables

16. Printable Hershey Kiss Labels: The best part Christmas is giving sweets to all friends and neighbors.  You could give hershey kisses right in the bag or you could put a little twist on them by printing off these FREEBIES!

What essentials would you add to this list? Tell us what you’re looking forward to baking in the comments below!



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