5 Chocolate Cookies to Leave Out for Santa

5 Chocolate Cookies to Leave Out for Santa
5 Chocolate Cookies to Leave Out for Santa


#1 White Chocolate Peanut Butter Snowman Cookies

These cookies will put smiles on everyone in the family including Santa!  Let the kids jump in on this cookie meets craft activity and have a blast!

Cookies to leave out for santa

#2 Rolo Double Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies

 If you are trying to earn bonus points with Santa, then these are the cookies to make and leave out with a glass of milk.

Christmas cookies for Santa

#3 Red Velvet Cookies

 Rarely do we get to treat ourselves to red velvet anything so these cookies will bring smiles to your beloved Santa.  Make plenty of these because I seriously doubt he could eat just one.

Yummy cookies for Santa

#4 Four Ingredient Christmas Cookies

These cookies are yummy, simple to make and full of color.  It takes 4 ingredients that you most likely already have in your pantry.  Here is the exact recipe.

Christmas Cookies to leave out for Santa

#5 Chocolate Peppermint Cake Cookies

 Santa will dance in delight with the pop of flavor in these cookies.  Perfect alongside a glass of cold milk or a hot cup of coffee.

Chocolate Peppermint Christmas Cookies for Santa

In the comments below, tell me what cookies you will be leaving out for Santa!!

Love & Chocolate,


P.S.  If you are making any recipe that calls for eggs, watch this short clip of the most brilliant way to work with an egg

Cooking trick with eggs

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