Dear Men: How to quickly get to the third date (with chocolate)

Dear Men: How to quickly get to the third date  (with chocolate)
Dear Men: How to quickly get to the third date (with chocolate)


Dear Men: How to quickly get to the third date (with chocolate)

Success! It’s taken you longer than you’re proud to admit, but you’ve finally scored a date with that special lady.  And, given how awesome you are, you’re going to stand out from the rest of the boys and deliver your USP (unique selling proposition).  Rule of business is “Givers gain” and that same rule applies to your dating strategy.

Buckle your seat belts; we are going on a chocolate-filled journey to reach our third date destination

First date:  It’s the first date, and frankly, you have an impression to make. Make it a good one.  The custom Chocomize bar allows you to create your own custom bar of chocolate, you can choose a bar or heart shape (do NOT choose the heart shape on your first date) and the type of chocolate – DARK, MILK or WHITE.  I would go Goldilocks on this one and go in the middle so you don’t alienate her if she’s not a fan of dark chocolate. After this, you get to choose the toppings like crystallized rose petals.   Choose this topping.  Its unique, sweet, crunchy and BTW, you are now saving on having to buy flowers. Boom!

Chocolate Bars

Photo Credit: ChocoMize

She will then take it home and FB and Instagram the crap out of it.  Her friends will love you for this.

You have now created a large cheering section that is giving her the nudge to go on date #2.

Her girlfriends will also ask things like “Does he have a brother?”.  These are the responses you want to hear.  This is what marketing guru Seth Godin talks about in his book Purple Cow and Tribes.

Why the hell do you think Apple does so well?


chocolate goodness



Round 2

Second date:  Good job!  Round 2 can begin.  I would select Raaka chocolate.  First, its fun to say and makes it sound like you are going to have a rocking good time.  Its made in the USA, Brooklyn to be specific.

Obviously, the first date went so well that you are at this next date.  No pressure or anything but she has all of her friends awaiting how this date will go. Let’s set the tone with Maple bar.  Its warm, makes her think of Fall (aka boots, leggings, sweaters and a PSL in her hand).  Those are really good thoughts for her.


Photo Credit:  Raaka Chocolate

Photo Credit: Raaka Chocolate


Want BONUS points?  Share Raaka’s mission:

Our mission is to make the most delicious chocolate possible while building and maintaining healthy and valuable relationships with our global community, our planet and each other.

Thats a sweet company mission that she would love to hear.  (no pun intended)  That’s all.  Its actually really easy if you understand that us women are into details.  Spend 5 minutes on details and the world is your oyster . . so to speak.


Round 3


Third date:  Lets bring an element of surprise to this date and let her know you are still on your game. I would select the ArtPassion Russian chocolates to round out your game.  Amazing!!!

This is THE date to close the deal.  By this date you both should know exactly how you feel.  As far as chocolate bars, you need dreamy and creamy, knock her socks off chocolate.  Something to show both comfort yet sophistication in one bite.

Choose something you know she will love and will melt in her mouth.  We want the aphrodisiac effects on this one.  This is the third date (nuff said).

One of the best chocolates I ever tasted is a Russian chocolate which I showcased here.  Its very similar to the Ferrero Rocher except that every part of it is 100x better.



And I love Ferrero Rocher so thats saying a lot about this chocolate.  It has just enough bitterness with tons of creamy dreaminess (is that a word).  You are aiming for creamy dreamy on this third date.  Trust me on this one, texture matters. Plus they are wrapped individually so you can take a few out of the box to give to her in a cute box.  Women notice every detail, don’t question it, its just how we are wired.  Whatever you would do, do the complete 360 of that.  For example, if you want to just pop a few of these Russian chocolates into your pocket, do the complete opposite.  Go to Michaels craft store or Hobby Lobby (do it, this is how you score) and purchase a small box, cellophane box and package it in the most cutesy, nauseating way.  We love that shit.  If you get stumped, find any woman in the store and ask for help.  They’ll probably buy the packaging and do it all for you in less than 5 minutes.  Employee or non-employee, take your pick.

Try something like this

or like this


Men who put this much attention into details will be greatly rewarded here on Earth.

At the end of the three dates, these chocolate bars get you much farther than a bouquet of roses (and cost much less).  Win-win.

One more thing, if you are on a budget, you CAN make your own.  I promise.  In fact, you can check out Melissa from Bless this Mess instructions.  Her pictures are seriously beautiful and she will give you step by step directions.  Don’t forget Martha, she’s always there for all of us.


In the comments below, tell me which bar do you think a woman would love most?


P.S.  If things don’t work out then this HUGE box of chocolates has your name on it.

P.P.S. Just a reminder . . .

Love & Chocolate,




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  1. Sue

    This is so cool and original idea, Love It!

  2. Carolann

    Cute post Becca! Now I have to tell my hubby to NOT buy me too much chocolate! Funny how things change over the course of 39 years! lol.

  3. Sonja Pound

    Ready for this? Until about a year ago I hated chocolate! I would only eat if it had almonds in it and I’d pick the almonds out and throw away the chocolate. That is until I had chocolate from a boutique chocolatier in Philadelphia, John & Kiras. Cute post. Way better than flowers for a date or any special occasion.

  4. Crystal Green

    This system would have been quite appealing to me when I was single. Now my husband spoils me with chocolates on Valentine’s Day and that’s it.

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