Dove Chocolate Discoveries Parties

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Parties
Dove Chocolate Discoveries Parties



Dove Chocolate Discoveries Parties

Interested in selling chocolate?


*Becoming a Chocolatier is easy (but ONLY for those who are self-motivated)

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DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES launched in February 2007 as one of the latest ventures from Mars, Incorporated. Now, a global leader in chocolate, Mars roots goes back to the kitchen. In the 1880′S, when Frank Mars was a young boy, his mother taught him to hand-dip chocolate. With his wife, Ethel, Frank started a home candy-making business in Tacoma, Washington, that eventually grew into Mars, Inc., a world-wide industry leader in chocolate confections.


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I’m looking for someone who has a passion for making money via selling chocolate.

There are various methods in selling chocolate such as selling through chocolate parties, chocolate tastings, chocolate kid parties, chocolate blogging, chocolate BBQs, chocolate making sessions. Its up to you. You get to be creative.


Who you are:

You’re a professional, perhaps you are a full time mom or even a full time student looking to build your income portfolio. You might be a lawyer, engineer, teacher or anyone looking for additional money options.  You’re smart, motivated, have a lot to offer the world and have a strong desire to love what you do. But It’s time you make more money. In fact, your job will eventually be replaced by software (you know this and you know its time to hustle NOW)



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What Your Challenges Tend to Be:

You so badly want to ramp up your income and have consistent cash flow, but the job isn’t paying enough and you need an extra source of income. I don’t blame you, the landscape of our economy is rapidly changing and honestly, there is NO security or stability with your 9 – 5.

If you are a full time Mom, you need adult time and money of your own.

If you are working a full time job, you MUST make more and reduce the amount of stress in your life.

If you are a student, you can’t wait for a career, you MUST get started ASAP with money-making


And let’s get real, the lack of extra income in your life is creating some stress in your life, sometimes requiring you to give up the things you long for.

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What You Need Most Right Now :

Your primary focus needs to be on adding something to your life that is fun AND brings in money. You need an option in your life that has no ceiling. You want to work but without any constraint.


Looking for those wanting to get started between prior to July 4, 2015.


Most people have heard of home parties for kitchenware and cosmetics.  But what about a home party for chocolate? In a sluggish economy, thousands of women are discovering a new way to taste the sweet life thanks to everyone’s favorite flavor.


DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™ a Mars Chocolate North America brand, is embracing the entrepreneurial-spirit by encouraging women to start a career in chocolate, take control of their financial future and have fun while they’re making an impact.  From stay-at-home moms wanting to contribute to family finances or gals on the go looking for a new career, being a “Chocolatier” offers something for everyone.


“While most people are familiar with other at home party brands, many don’t realize that you can turn a passion for chocolate into an independent business,” said Betty Palm, President, DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES.  “Women can achieve their financial and personal goals via direct-selling.  In fact, accordingly to the Direct Selling Association, women represent nearly 82% of the more than 15.1 million people involved in the direct selling industry.”



Chocolatiers – the DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES sales force – enjoy sweet success not just financially, but personally too.  The benefits of a career in chocolate include:


  • Freedom: Being your own boss; you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself
  • Flexibility: Setting your own hours and schedule work around family priorities
  • Finances: Paying bills, taking that special vacation or replacing your full time income.  How much you earn is entirely up to you!
  • Fueling your development: With top notch training programs and tools, you’ll develop leadership and business skills that will make you a hot commodity in any market
  • Friends: Meeting new people through Tasting Parties and a supportive network of Chocolatiers. Share the sweet life and recruit others into the business!
  • Fun: Love what you do and share that joy. It doesn’t feel like work when you make people happy! After all who doesn’t love chocolate?


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From paying off credit cards to buying new cars or enjoying extensive vacations, DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES offers a unique opportunity to turn premium chocolate sales into an independent business and a fun, social chocolate experience.

Chocolate Tasting Parties
Now you can have a DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES Tasting Party and invite your friends to try delicious and simple new ways to enjoy everyone’s favorite flavor. From chocolate smoothies and martinis to 5-minute chocolate mousse, I will help you discover a whole new world of chocolate.



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Want even more info?

Below are 3 links (I recommend definitely clicking on the middle link), while the first link will give you ideas on how to make money with Dove Chocolate.  As a Marketer, I will be your coach and biggest cheerleader but you MUST be a go getter.  I am a successful digital marketer, consultant, trainer and have been featured on TV as well as Newsweek magazine.  I’m a hustler and I am ONLY building of team of other positive-minded hustlers.  This is my ONLY requirement.  If you have never worked before, everything can be learned except for attitude.


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(Just want to BUY chocolate now?  Start browsing all Dove Chocolate here)

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