Easy Easter Cake

Easy Easter Cake
Easy Easter Cake

Easy Easter Cake

 Spring has officially arrived… And Easter is almost here! What I have for you is a decadent, moist Eater Chocolate Cake!!! Excited?

I had so many pictures of this “death-by-chocolate” Easter cake that I will let you see how I did it with a picture tutorial.


how to make an easter cake

easy easter cake easy easter cake


This isn’t just any chocolate bundt cake.

This is a Chocolate Lover’s Dream cake.

I create a special cake, a special ganache and yummy toppings.


easy easter cake

Scroll through this picture tutorial to find out what I used.

Add more chocolate or less chocolate (no, don’t do that)

And serve up this cake that your family and friends will just really love.

easy easter cake

Let’s get to it!

So, what am I pouring into the pan?

1. Half a box of Pillsbury Chocolate Cake Mix

2. Half a box of Dove Chocolate Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix (with chocolate chips)

easy easter cake


Let it bake for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Use a toothpick in the last 8 minutes to test it out.


chocolate easter cake chocolate easter cake

chocolate box


chocolate easter cake

I could look at pictures of chopped chocolate all day.  Yum!

This was a fun chocolate ganache to create.

Chocolate ganache is chocolate + heavy whipping cream.  Due to the wide variety of chocolate I purchase from around the globe, I thought it would be fun if I used a bar of Brix Chocolate for starters.

I bought the set and used the Dark Chocolate bar for a big punch.

chocolate easter cake

This bar was made for wine tastings but I don’t follow rules, especially when it comes to chocolate.


chocolate easter cake

Then I decided to add another bar with its Origins in Venezuela.

This bar is sublime which comes from the chocolate shop Sublime in Allen, TX. 

chocolate easter cake

Its a beautiful bar.

Its well made.

Its smooth and delicious.  Just the right balance of bite and milkiness.

chocolate easter cake chocolate easter cake

dove chocolate discoveries starter kit

chocolate easter cake

I made the husband chop this bar up as I watched and drooled.

chocolate easter cake chocolate easter cake

Then I put the 2 chopped bars in the bowl.  This is the chopped Brix bar and the Sublime bar.  OMG.

Its so beautiful!  Is that weird to say?

I’m so obsessed  =)

(if you are reading this, you are too)

chocolate easter cake chocolate easter cake chocolate easter cake

To a cup of chopped chocolate, add about 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream and stir away.

You can totally eyeball this part and make the consistency as thick or thin as you would like.  There is no wrong or right to this process.


chocolate easter cake chocolate easter cake

You don’t have to wait for someone to hire you for a Chocolatier position, you can become one right now with a huge box of chocolate being delivered right to your door.

dove chocolate discoveries

chocolate easter cake

easy easter cake easy easter cake



Drizzle on the chocolate ganache

Using any chocolate you want, I used a bar of Brix and a bar of Sublime chocolate with a few chocolate disks from Doveeasy easter cake easy easter cake easy easter cake

Then pop on some decor like my Confetti Eggs that I showed you how to make hereeasy easter cake

 Top with the most delicious chocolate bunny ever . . . this one is from Belfine Chocolates in Belgium but if you are in North America go here to grab your own.  You can also order online from this well known store

chocolate easter cake

P.S.  More from the creator of Belfine lovely Belgian chocolates coming to you . . . look at these cuties

belgian easter chocolate



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