5 Wine and Chocolate Pairings for Your Hallmark Christmas Movie Binge

5 Wine and Chocolate Pairings for Your Hallmark Christmas Movie Binge
5 Wine and Chocolate Pairings for Your Hallmark Christmas Movie Binge



5 Wine and Chocolate Pairings for Your Hallmark Christmas Movie Binge

If you are a Hallmark movie fan, then just like me,

you REALLY look forward to the magic of the Hallmark Christmas movies that come out each year.

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This year, Hallmark is releasing 12 new movies!!  So glad that there are 12 of these gems because as much as I love each one, its also bittersweet when each movie comes to a magical close.

I am giving you permission to cherish these movies with some extra accessories – wine + chocolate.  Oooh la la.  Here’s how its going to go down:

It is Saturday night! It’s time to put the kids to bed and invite your girls over . . . . .

bring on the wine, break out the corkscrew, tissue box and a plate of dreamy chocolates that are almost as dreamy as the firefighter in ‘The Nine Lives of Christmas’

Hallmark Christmas movies

The men of Hallmark movies and the Christmas Hallmark movies make me smile.


As the Hallmark holiday tradition returns, here are five wine and chocolate pairings to compliment the sweet and magical movies that delight me (and hopefully you) every Saturday night.

Let’s start with One Starry Night.  Classic Hallmark movie story about a girl with the wrong guy who then meets someone so completely opposite of her . . . . oh my stars!!  Go watch it now!!

One Starry Christmas from Hallmark

If you want to go all out for your gal pals, you could make the Campfire Cake that goes great with this cowboy!

Campfire Cake Recipe

But if you would rather just saddle yourself up with a bar of chocolate and a bottle of wine, I would recommend

the Alter Eco Dark Salted Brown Butter Bar (holy cow!!!)






Alter Eco Brown Butter Dark Chocolate Bar

The wine to be sipped or gulped down during this Hallmark movie perfection is the Spicy Vines Original Blend.  The kick in this red wine will balance the kick in the line dancing that is part of this fantastic movie.  This wine is sophisticated, playful and liberal just like the main character Sarah Carter who plays an accomplished astronomer (totally a Ya Ya moment when the lead female gets her PhD).


  My second recommendation is the Delysia Ghost Chili Chocolate Bar  (makes think of the super hot firefighter) paired with a sweet Riesling from the Wine Folly.  The sweet & spicy combination will balance out the flavors and your emotions that the ‘Nine Lives of Christmas’ will take you on.

Hallmark Christmas movie Nine Lives

Yes, I am screaming at the TV as why one of these 2 gorgeous people doesn’t make the move on the other.  Such a classic Hallmark movie roller coaster, right?

Third on the list of my chocolate + wine + Hallmark pairings is a bubbly cute movie –> Northpole with the adorable Bailee Madison

Hallmark movies



add in a super cute fudgy chocolatey brownie bites like the ones from Sugar Bowl Bakery and top it off with the bubbly Veuve Cliquot Rose (pink label of course, sooooo much cuter to have a pink label).  This wine brings a little or even a lot of effervescence that will have you really, truly (no, really) giggling with happiness during this movie.  And the brownies will melt in your mouth giving you a trifecta of Christmas joy!

#4 on the list is the Hotel Chocolat Truffle Christmas Tree to thoroughly savor while watching The Christmas Shepherd which is a delightful movie about the magic of one German Shepherd.  In the movie, Teri Polo helps pick out the Christmas tree for the family that is another piece of magic involving the Shepherd, which is why this tree needs to be your pick . . . its filled with truffle aka magic.  This story is so endearing and if your gaggle of girls are dog lovers then you will need a second box of Kleenex.  Le sigh.

Chocolate christmas tree

 The movie is set in Massachusetts in the city of Boston as well as the city of Warm Springs (need to Google to see if its a real city or just a fantasy Hallmark one)

The Christmas Shepherd Hallmark Movie

and thus (yes thus) I recommend the Blueberry wine from the Alfalfa Farm Vineyard, a family owned farm in Massachusetts.  They have more than just blueberry but for this beautiful movie it sounds like a beautiful choice from a family business.

New England Vineyard Wine

Finally, I loved, loved, loved seeing my childhood TV star in the movie,  Candace Cameron in Christmas Under Wraps.  It was one of my favorites and if you haven’t seen it yet make sure to set aside time for this wonderful Christmas story.

Candace Cameron Hallmark movie

The movie is set in Alaska, which makes me have to recommend 2 chocolates!  One of the best things I have ever eaten was chocolate from Russia (I can’t think of Alaska without thinking about Russia, thanks Sarah Palin, LOL)

This chocolate is from ArtPassion and is the creamiest, dreamiest most buttery, satisfying chocolate I have ever popped into my mouth.  Which I popped into my mouth in this episode

Russian chocolate

ArtPassion Chocolate Review





And the other chocolate, that you and your girlfriends will just love is the ChocoMe bar from Hungary.  This one is perfect for Candace Cameron’s Alaskan movie set because it comes with gold.  YES!  There are edible gold flakes generously sprinkled on top of this luxurious bar.




Chocolate bars customized with gold
For these luxurious chocolates, you need an equally luxurious wine.  I recommend the rare 2010 Bichot Clos Frantin Chambertin you’ll spend some of your Christmas money on it but consider it a gift to you and your girlfriends.  (if you are on a budget but still want a Pinot Noir click here)
pinot noir plus chocolate
There you have it! 
Enjoy the magic of the season, lots of hot chocolate, wine, chocolate bars and Christmas movies.  
Love & Chocolate,
Tell me in the comments below, which Hallmark movie has been your fave (and then I will tell you mine)
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P.P.S.  I might have you on a roll so here is a Christmas movie collection you can really dive into
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  1. Kelly @ TastingPage

    What a fun post with 3 of my favorite things – movies, chocolate and wine! I’m in love with Alter Eco’s products. Their truffles are ridiculous! Give me that, any nice French wine and I’ll watch infomercials all night!

  2. Barb @ A Life in Balance

    Thank you for posting on Motivation Monday!

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