How to Make r2d2 S’mores

How to Make r2d2 S’mores
How to Make r2d2 S’mores

How to Make r2d2 S’mores



When my friend, Nathan Barrett, organizer of the Dallas Choose Yourself group created a Choose Yourself Idea Machine Dinner Party . . . I was stoked!   Since he knew I had this thing for chocolate, he asked if I would create a parting gift/chocolate favor that guests could depart with for the night.

how to make smores

 I LOVE coming up with new ideas and twists and tweaks in everything in my life.

But in coming up with ideas for this treat, it was going to have some parameters:

  1. It had to be easily packaged,
  2. Somewhat melt proof (it is July in Texas)
  3. Somewhat easy as I am juggling about 7 new and old projects
  4. Summery
  5. Thoughtful & creative.

S’mores came to mind after I went through some cupcake ideas, Texas Sheet Cake, candy bars . . . nope, it had to be S’mores.  S’mores were trending everywhere right now to do the 4th of July and overall summery-ness (is that a word?) of this treat.

As far as melting, ideally, no, I  did NOT want this to melt on my way over to the dinner party but if it did just a little bit, it wouldn’t ruin the treat.  Melting enhanced this treat and the marshmallow could help absorb the yummy chocolate.  With the Star Wars chocolate mold, I could easily make these and while they set into shape, I could work on my other projects.  Done and done.  After I have my idea, I implement right away . . . then I can find out if it works.  If not, no worries, on to my next idea.

I liked the idea of Star Wars; I grew up with Star Wars in the 80′s and adored r2d2 and C3PO’s cute relationship and the way they went back and forth could be similar to James & Claudia in their Ask Altucher podcast.  Oh, let me back up here, James Altucher wrote a pretty awesome book, Choose Yourself, and then these Choose Yourself groups popped up around the world.  Let me know if you are looking for one and I would be happy to help you find a tribe in your town.

Back to Star Wars, r2d2 wasn’t like the other robots, he was able to avoid all memory wipes that other droids were experiencing.  He developed his own personality.  A bit stubborn, a bit eccentric.  He struck out on his own when he was able to escape and chose to seek out the Jedi master, Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Obi was a noble man and mentor to Luke Skywalker.  r2d2 reminds me of the Choose Yourselfers, people who have woken up and although programmed through schools, college, parenting, culture . . . that is our foundation and sometimes our reason why we must move onward.  We are striking out finding others like us and finding mentors through podcasts, books and people who come into our lives.

Choose Yourselfers = r2d2

July in Texas = Summer

Summer = Campfires + Smores

Therefore, r2d2 S’mores.

(yes, I do wish my keyboard had that “therefore” symbol right now)




Let me show you how I made it:

marshmallows for smores

I purchased the jumbo marshmallows (you could also use the marshmallow fluff)


how to make smores

I split the long rectangle graham cracker into a square (just split along the perforated edge)

how to make smores

chocolate box

I used dark chocolate as an attempt to reduce the sugar.  I placed 1 cup of chips in a saucepan and turned the burner to low.  Using a wooden spoon, I continuously stirred the chocolate until it was completely smooth and creamy.

how to make smores

Next, I poured the chocolate into the mold and placed in the freezer for about 10 minutes for it to set.  Then I placed a marshmallow on the graham cracker, zapped in the microwave for 7 seconds, and placed r2d2 on top.

This is a very kid-friendly recipe with lots of teachable Geometry moments, math, measurement and discussions about striking out on your own; choosing yourself and not letting the authentic you get “baked out” as Seth Godin talks about in Linchpin.

how to make smores

I cannot wait to give these out tonight!

Would you put r2d2 on your s’mores OR do you have another favorite character you would put on the top?

P.S.  If you want another fun summertime recipe, check out this adorable Campfire Cake  (one of my most POPULAR videos, even my own mother liked this one)

P.P.S  I made these BBQ grill cupcakes for Father’s Day, cuteness! 
bbq cupcakes

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