How to Make Leprechaun Donuts

How to Make Leprechaun Donuts
How to Make Leprechaun Donuts



How to Make Leprechaun Donuts

Here’s a super simple, kid-friendly St. Patrick’s Day recipe . . . . that can be done in about 5 minutes!

Grab a box of Cheerios or if your like me, just a store brand box of “Cheerios” will do just fine.

leprechuan donuts

 Become a Chocolatier!!

Dove chocolate discoveries starter kit

Pour a small bowl full or pour onto the table.

Whatever works for you!

st patricks day recipes

Mix a bowl of green frosting (just add food coloring to a jar of icing)

Then grab some of those leftover green sprinkles from Christmas

st patricks day recipes

Dip those Cheerios in, then set in a pill box or an old jewelry box sitting around.



st patricks day recipes

st patricks day recipes

Pass it on!

P.S.  Want more St Patrick’s Day fun?  Check out this awesome cake recipe and Lucky Charms cupcake recipe!

Here is what it looks like st patricks day cupcake recipe

P.P.S. Oh, if you are up for some cake making, try this awesomeness

st patricks day cake recipe

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