Featured in IBT Media/Newsweek Article: Lindt’s Acquisition Of Russell Stover Either Wise Or Disastrous . . .

Featured in IBT Media/Newsweek Article: Lindt’s Acquisition Of Russell Stover Either Wise Or Disastrous . . .
Featured in IBT Media/Newsweek Article: Lindt’s Acquisition Of Russell Stover Either Wise Or Disastrous . . .

Lindt’s Acquisition Of Russell Stover



What do chocolate experts say when a Swiss Chocolate maker merges with a Kansas City Chocolate Maker?

Some say its wise and some say its disastrous . . . and in this International Business Times/Newsweek article I give a quote on my expert opinion.  Its a really interesting read right here


Love & Chocolate,



P.S.  Have you seen the Lindt Chili Chocolate?  This is for spicy peeps only

P.P.S.  Or are you on Team Russell Stover?  If you are, go here for this classic RS box





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  1. Bonnie @ wemake7

    I have never heard of chili chocolate, they sounds pretty neat and something my hubby would love! =)

  2. R U S S

    Mergers should always be seen as a positive thing. A lot of innovation usually come from mergers. I haven’t tried chili chocolate — but it does sound interesting.

  3. Chrissy Mazzocchi

    I love chocolate anything and these look amazing! :)

  4. Roch

    I have never been familiar with the news about chocolates. I should probably read about that article soon and share with friends. Nope, I haven’t also tried chili flavor.

  5. Michael

    Mergers are not always a good thing…many times,jobs are lost to these types of mergers..this has hurt both moral and the bottom line

  6. Kath Rivera

    I’ve eaten different brands of chocolates before but never heard news as exciting as this. I haven’t tried spicy flavored chocolate but I like eating spicy foods.

  7. Christine Topley

    I don’t usually keep up with the times about chocolate companies and their business practices. As a rule I am only concerned about what the product tastes like and if I love it and would purchase it. I LOVE chocolate but then again who doesn’t. That being said, I have never heard of chili chocolate and not sure if I would like it but I always try something at least once because you just never know!

  8. Hilary @ The RNY Life

    I don’t care for chocolate so I’m not much of a chocolate snob. I would think it would be a good thing though. It gives the opportunity to create some new and exciting items.

  9. Jessica Peeling

    It might be an interesting merger. I love Lindt but I am not a huge RS fan..we’ll see!

  10. Elle Hipolito

    Chili chocolate?? I had never heard of it. Hmm… May have to go out and try it!

  11. Dawn

    I can see why people would be divided over this. Sure, mergers generally mean new products or improvements on existing products. Chocolate purists are right to be nervous, you never know when an “improvement” on something that’s already great could be an epic fail. Anyone remember the “new” Coke? We all know how THAT turned out.

  12. Amanda @ Adorkablii

    Chili Chocolate? Oh… This is something I HAVE TO TRY!!! I love chocolate and I love spicy foods so this is something I would love to try!!

  13. Joanna Sormunen

    Have you ever made a feature about Ecuadorian chocolate? The cacao here is the best in the world. Lindt for instance uses Ecuadorian cacao for their chocolate. There are many different chocolate makers here today, but I recommend starting with Kallari. A small chocolate brand owned by Kichwa indigenous people of Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. The cacao is grow right where it’s originally from.

  14. Mama to 5 Blessings

    Love this brand chocolate, it’s nice and smooth and silky tasting!

  15. FamiGami

    I’ve never heard of Russell Stover. There’s a big movement of large companies merging together lately. it is incredibly bad for choice and competition.

  16. Jhady

    Mmm I would love to have a bite of that chocolate. I love anything spicy and I am sure I will love this one too.

  17. Fiorella

    I love chocolate anything, so I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy chilli chocolate. I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately, so hopefully I’ll try some soon! :)

  18. Touristmeetstraveler

    Chilli and chocolate sounds like a very weird mix, I don’t know how’d I like that.

  19. Maria Oller

    I love chocolate and Lindt is great rand I think if they bought or merged with some company in the US they will bring not only experience but also quality.

  20. Leira Pagaspas

    You had me at chocolates..The chili Chocolate is also very interesting would love to try this really soon.

  21. Rebecca Swenor

    I love all chocolates. I have yet to try the chili chocolate. It will be interesting to see what will happen with these companies.

  22. Shirgie Scf

    We would never know what will happen unless we try. Let’s see what will happen then with this merger. Nevertheless, I love Chocolates.

  23. Rosey

    I’m on the team classic for this one. I’ve seen that little gold bunny around, but I’ve never given him a whirl. Now you’ve got me wanting to try him .:)

  24. Don Purdum

    Chili Chocolate. Very interesting and what a combination. lol… Thanks for sharing.

  25. Paulina

    Not sure if I am a fan of them making chocolate spicy. It feels wrong.

    1. Becca

      Haha, yep it can be. Thankfully they only have one bar that is spicy out of hundreds of chocolate products.

  26. Marielle Altenor

    Lindt has always been my favorite go to chocolate. Will have to wait and see what they create now that they own Russell Stover. I heard the chill chocolate was good but I haven’t tried it myself!

  27. Alysia

    I don’t care where it comes from, whichever provider- if it’s delicious, I’ll eat it :)
    Thanks a ton too….doing a cleanse right now and can’t have any chocolate. Reading your blog ALWAYS makes me hungry, even though chocolate is never a typical craving of mine :P

  28. Michelle

    I have never heard of chili chocolate. I wonder how good that would be?

  29. jane

    i always have this lindt dark chocolate they are super yummy and 80% dark compare to others

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